Why Use Metal for Your Business Signage?

As a small business in Utah, you need to be creative to attract more customers. There are many ways of promoting your store. Make yourself visible using well-designed metal signages!

Outdoor signages can make your establishment more visible and stand out among your competitors. It gives people an idea or the right direction about your business. Before making your store’s signage, make sure to plan out the design. You should also consider the right materials to ensure quality and durability.

Using Metal for Signages

Many business owners today prefer using metal for their signage simply because of its durability. Outdoor signages are more prone to damage due to several factors. This includes the harshness of weather, accidents, and wear and tear. Since metals are more durable than plastics or any type of glass, it can withstand these elements. The thicker the metal, the more durable it is.

Aluminum, which is a type of metal, doesn’t get rusted. Therefore, it can face both the rain and cold without getting rust and damage.

Using a metal can also enhance your signage’s look. It has a polished and professional look. Plus, you can cut metals with a custom metal laser in Utah to cut out letters. These are perfect for the name of your business.

How Much Does a Metal Signage Cost?

If you have a reasonable budget but don’t want something crazy expensive, metals are a good choice.

They aren’t the cheapest in the market, but since you’re getting long-term signage, it’s worth every penny. Also, metal and steel signages aren’t exactly pricey at around$20 to $30 per square foot.

Besides the material, you’ll also have to pay for the design. You’ll have to pay for the design itself, as well as the designer’s fee.

You can save more money by doing your own design if you wish. There are certain free online tools that will allow you to create a design for your signage. However, do check with your signage maker whether there are limitations you need to be aware of when creating a design. On average, you’ll spend around $425 to $710 for metal signages.

Who can Use Metal Signages?

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Any business owner could opt for metal signage. The material is versatile, so the outcome could look as professional as you want for a certain business like a law firm or a hospital. However, it can also be fancy for hotels and inns as well as flower shops and restaurants.

With custom laser cutting, you can also create any shape you wish, making it possible to create anything for anyone.Since metal signages are also more cost-effective, even small and start-up businesses can afford them.


Using metal materials for your store signage gives you a lot of advantages. Apart from its more durable from other options, it’s also more practical than you think. Just make sure to find a reliable supplier to ensure quality services. Search online for more prospects. Ask for recommendations from your friends and relatives. Check their portfolio and sample work so you can easily gauge the quality of their services.

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