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Why Your Kids Need A Separate Playroom

Most families allow kids to play anywhere in the home. They share communal spaces with you. 

But is this the optimal setup? Or can you actually do a little better? 

Well, according to researchers, getting home addition contractors to add a playroom offers a host of benefits.  

Definitions of playrooms vary depending on who you ask. But the most obvious is “rooms exclusively for the use of kids.” Playrooms offer a host of advantages for parents and kids alike. In this post, we run through some of the most critical. 

Less Clutter In The Rest Of The Home

Toys have a habit of getting everywhere. Kids are amazingly efficient at turning pristine interiors into bomb sites in a matter of minutes. However, when all of your toys are out of the way in another room you’re able to control the damage. Yes – playrooms do get messy. But at least you contain the mess in a single room, instead of allowing it to spill out across the rest of the house. 

Better For Playdates

Playrooms have another key advantage: they’re better for playdates. When your kids’ friends come over, you can farm them off to another room, freeing up more space for you. You can then have a chit-chat with the parents on their own, without feeling like the kids are invading the space. 

Keep Bedrooms Clutter-Free

Toys also have a nasty habit of cluttering up all your kids’ bedrooms too. If you don’t allow toys in the dining room or living room, then the bedroom is the only place for them. 

Leaving bedrooms toy-free is actually important for your child’s development too. Experts repeatedly state that children need to associate the bedroom with sleep from an early age. If they don’t, then it can lead to sleeping disturbances later in life. So, ideally, all you should have in a bedroom is a bed and some clothes: that’s it. 

Playrooms, therefore, help you remove toys from the bedroom and put them elsewhere in the home. This way, the bedroom’s sole purpose becomes a place to sleep – nothing else. 

It Can Be A Reward

You can actually set up your playroom so that it becomes a reward for your children. Rationing the playroom encourages kids to make the best use of it possible when they get the chance. That way, you keep them interested in using the room and you can make it available strategically to occupy their attention. 

It Makes It Easier To Share

Playrooms, by their very nature, are for all children that you might have in your home, whether they are brothers and sisters, or just friends. And that means that there are more opportunities for sharing compared to keeping all toys in the bedroom. Building a playroom, therefore, can bring a host of benefits to your children. Not only does it encourage sharing, but it makes your entire household so much more manageable. When you have a playroom, it becomes much easier to control the mess and arrange playdates.

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