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3 Siding Options for Homeowners

A home renovation project can enhance the performance, appearance, and value of your home. One of the home improvements you should consider is new home siding. You must be wondering the siding option to use as you remodel your home.

1. Wood Siding

Wood siding in Utah, such as those siding options offered by Double T Inc., is one of the most attractive siding options you can use for your home. It is available in different wood types such as shingles, wood planks, panels, and boards. Also, this option is available in different finishes, styles, and textures. You can quickly repair wood siding, but it is prone to sunlight effects, rot, and insect infestation. You need to maintain wood siding to protect it from moisture and stains.

2. Metal Siding

Homeowners interested in metal siding can opt for steel or aluminum. They are galvanized to protect them from corrosion, and they are available in various styles such as vertical and horizontal strips, shingles, and panels. Metal siding is a durable type of siding with a lifespan of several decades. Steel and aluminum siding can be noisy, and they are prone to denting. Vinyl or plastic-coated aluminum is more expensive than steel siding. Metal siding has lower-maintenance requirements as compared to wood siding.

3. Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding design

Vinyl siding is an affordable option for homeowners with a tight budget. It is usually installed over other siding materials, which makes it a retrofit option. Homeowners can choose various textures and colors to achieve their desired look. Homeowners who choose vinyl siding should up their game on maintaining it to prevent the buildup of grime and mold. Additionally, the option is prone to weather damage, unlike porcelain ceramic tile.

Every homeowner wants to enhance his or her home’s exterior. Having known the various siding options, you can choose one that fits your home requirements. However, make sure that you hire the right contractor to help with the installation.

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