3 Simple Kitchen Updating Ideas

When it comes to updating the kitchen, the trouble lies in keeping it practical as well as stylish. After all, the kitchen is the room where you do the most day-to-day, practical things. You prepare meals, cook, clean and often wash clothes. The fixtures and fittings have to be matching, they have fit the lifestyle you lead. The kitchen is also, perhaps the central part of your home because of what it represents. It utilizes the most amount of materials in the entire home. In one modern kitchen, there can be wood, glass, steel, copper, iron, ceramic, porcelain, vinyl and stone, all in the same place. It’s quite incredible, which is why updating should be kept simple and easy to implement.

Where to begin?

Of all the areas where the kitchen can be updated first, it should be your tiling. The tiling on the walls is one of the first things guests will see, so the patterns and the colors, as well as designs, matter a whole lot. Here are some styles you can choose.

  • Squares. This down-to-earth design is great for a home that just wants something rustic, simple and allows the material to shine. Ceramic square tiles, in a bold color finished in gloss is a great yet affordable style.
  • Circular. Often called penny tiles, these small round tiles overlap onto one another or can be fitted as closely as possible to each other. 
  • Brick. Rectangular brick tiles are a great addition. They can be put into a bold color or perhaps a rustic design of changing shades.

The fittings

The focus of your updating should be kept simple when it comes to fittings. You don’t want to shift everything too quickly and ruin the style continuity. Let’s try and change the faucet into a more modern iteration, such as the optima Sloan tap which uses a sensor system. You can find it on Mark’s Plumbing Parts where there are similar modern faucets and other kitchen features like LED light bulbs. The Sloan tap can have its battery changed and set the sensitivity in terms of distance and amount of light blocked going into the sensor. 

Upgrade metals

Iron and even steel seem to be going out of style. These metals have been around for decades and decades, but they seem to have run their course. It’s because they are just a little too heavy, not as easy to clean as contemporary metals. Titanium is becoming far more affordable and it’s now the right time to upgrade your metals in the kitchen. Whether it’s cabinet handles, oven doors, the microwave or perhaps the cabinet handles, titanium or platinum would be better. If none of these metals will do, then choose aluminum instead. It’s lightweight, very shiny when polished and the surface is more scratch-resistant to steel.

These easy kitchen upgrades can bring an updated sense of style to any old and stale kitchen. Which one of these will you be trying first?

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