3 Things To Consider Before Buying A House By The Sea

Everyone dreams of having a little place down by the ocean to call their own, right? If you don’t already live on the coast, the idea of having a rest and relaxation spot, a place you can go to shake away the stresses of life is perfect for most people. The seaside is such a popular travel destination that means a lot to many people, so it makes total sense that it is also a very in-demand location for real estate buyers.

If you have always dreamed of your own house by the sea, and are starting to make this dream a reality, there are many things to consider. The coast is a complicated place to live, despite its perks – and it is important to consider these things before you take the plunge and buy or build a seaside home.

Let’s get started!

1. Tourism Seasons Will Affect You

Just like any popular place, there are certain times of the year where the population around your seaside home will change dramatically. During the winter months, the town your home is built within will empty, leaving just local, full-time residents behind. These months can be quiet and quite lonely, but many find them peaceful and calming too. 

During the summer months, however, your seaside town will be overrun with people. Temporary businesses will pop up, and holiday-makers will flock to the beach for summer fun on the sand. This is the natural course of things, of course, but if you aren’t a people-person or don’t like your area to be too crowded, you might have trouble with this. Make sure you are aware of the seasonal changes before you buy!

2. Your Home Maintenance Will Be More Rigorous

Just like the activity outside your front door, the seaside home will be different inside, too. Coastal weather tends to be more extreme than inland, meaning that your home will be more vulnerable to storm damage, droughts, and strange-feeling air moisture. You will need to invest in specialist coastal AC systems that can help you with this, and have regular maintenance on your roofing as well as maintaining your garden with fresh water. 

In addition, if you plan on spending lots of time outside on the beach, prepare for a rigorous cleaning schedule! Sand gets everywhere, and unlike a beach-side hotel, you’re the one who is going to be cleaning it up!

3. The Environment Will Change Over Time

If you are planning to own this home for your whole life, rather than renovating and selling it on, prepare for the landscape to change as you grow older. The wonderful, but also unpredictable, thing about coastlines is that they are ever-changing landscapes that don’t ever stay fixed. The fishing patterns, water pollution, and rock erosion will alter the landscape over the years; you can expect the place to look and feel different as time passes. 

Final Thoughts

If you are dreaming of a little cottage by the sea, we can’t blame you! Make sure to consider the points above before you go ahead and buy your dream seaside home.

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