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4 Effective Ways of Keeping a Parking Lot in Good Condition

Through a year, parking lots get exposed to various elements of the weather, which tend to limit their durability. With time, they may begin to develop potholes. To avoid that, there are a series of preventive and maintenance measures that may be put in place to ensure that a parking lot remains in good condition.

Regular Maintenance

The condition of any parking lot is proportional to the effort put into its maintenance. The main problem that faces a parking lot is the emergence of potholes. In Utah, there are several companies that offer to maintain asphalt. Businesses may rely on these companies to rehabilitate their parking lots. During maintenance, there may be a need to cover the potholes or even replace the entire asphalt layer depending on the severity of the damage. Other maintenance activities may be in the form of repainting the parking lot. The painted stripes guide drivers where and how to park their cars.

Regular Cleaning

A parking lot ought to be kept clean. In fact, it should be considered to be a part of the building that it serves. The emphasis is greater when dealing with commercial parking lots since the parking area is the main business premise. A parking lot may be swept at least once every day, especially in the evenings, to clear the day’s litter. Dustbins may be placed in strategic locations within the parking lot to encourage car owners to dispose of any waste responsibly. A clean parking lot may be considered as an effort toward achieving satisfied clients, which is good for business.

Different Entry and Exit points

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The adoption of different entry and exit points have a great impact as far as controlling traffic around a parking lot is concerned. Some parking lots, such as those serving established malls, hospitals, and other commercial places, often experience a high number of vehicles throughout the day. As such, it becomes necessary to have the exit and entry gates in different locations around the parking area to avoid traffic jams. Also, a parking lot may have more than one entry or exit point to further facilitate the flow of vehicles around the parking lot. It is also much better if a parking lot has direct access to a road. Different exit points may offer access to different roads.


Over the years, many car owners complained that their cars were broken into while in the parking lot. That prompted building owners and parking lot supervisors to consider possible security measures to thwart the issue. In response, many parking lots were fitted with CCTV camera systems to monitor all the activities taking place in the parking area. Furthermore, businesses contracted security companies that provided security guards to patrol their parking lots regularly. The result is a decline in the number of reported stolen cars and break-ins.

A well-maintained parking lot is an indication of a well-managed business premise. It pays homage to the fact that a business pays attention to all details, including those that may seem less relevant.

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