5 Common Door Problems Solved

Doors can encounter all kinds of problems from sticking to squeaky hinges. Some of these problems are simple to repair, while others may have a more serious root cause. Below are some of the most common door problems and how to fix them. 

A squeaky hinge

A door that squeaks can be annoying. In most cases, this is an easy fix – it is likely that the hinge simply needs lubricating. 

There are all kinds of things that you can use as a lubricant when fixing a squeaky door. Household products like hairspray, soap or olive oil could do the job. Contrary to popular belief, WD40 is not a good solution as it can attract dirt in the long run and cause further squeaking. 

A stiff handle

Got a door with a handle that’s very stiff? There are a few different things that could be causing this.

To diagnose the problem, you should first take off the handle. Once unscrewed, check that there is no dirt or other obstructions within the mechanism. Cleaning these out may solve the issue. If there is visible damage, you may have to replace the entire latch. If there are no obstructions and no damage, the handle mechanism may just need lubricating in some cases. 

A door that doesn’t stay closed

The whole purpose of a door is being able to close off a room. If you’ve got a door that won’t stay closed, this is a problem that needs fixing. 

There are actually quite a few possible causes here. It may again be a problem with the latch (it may not be extending fully and therefore not locking) or the strike plate may have become misaligned. The hinges may even be misaligned, causing it to come loose. 

Issues of misalignment could be due to wear and tear, but could also be a sign of a more serious problem such as shifting foundations. Other signs of foundation damage can include cracks in walls, sloping floors and windows that stick. Consider whether it’s time to invest in foundation repair providers if this is the likely cause. 

A sticking door that’s hard to open

Instead of failing to stay closed, some doors can have the opposite problem of being hard to open. There can be many causes for this problem too.

The first possible cause may just be humidity or moisture, which has caused the door or frame to swell. As a result, the gap between the door and frame may be reduced, causing sticking. This is more common with exterior doors than interior doors and may be fixed by planing the door. Severe damage may require a full door replacement. 

As with a door failing to stay closed, foundation problems may be to blame if this is happening to interior doors. You should also look out for loose hinges, which could also cause the door to have become misaligned, resulting in sticking. 

A door that let’s in drafts

Drafts can be noisy and can cause your home to lose heat faster in the winter. Most doors are weatherstripped to prevent drafts. However, these weatherstrips can wear over time, allowing air to pass through. 

Replacing the weatherstrip could be an easy fix to this problem. Misalignment can also cause drafts, so bear this in mind.

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