Can You Feel At Home In A Rental?

Can you be a tenant and feel content in your rental home? 

While homeowners have a lot more control over the property, there is no denying that tenants can also live in their dream home if they find a place that ticks all the boxes. Let’s be honest: it is going to be easy to find the right rental, at the right size, in the right neighborhood, and with no dealbreaker. However, you are going to have better chances if you start looking into properties that value community living, comfort, and healthy habits. 

For instance, you may be interested in 1 bedroom apartments for rent in stylish environments that offer exceptional and peaceful living experiences for urban dwellers. Ideally, living among a like-minded community of other tenants who appreciate the same features and designs can make it easier to relax and enjoy life in your rental. 

What else can tenants do to make the rental more homely? 

Create an indoor garden

Houseplants can completely transform your space. Adding potted plants to your decor will inject a touch of color into your rooms. When you are not allowed to paint or hang art on the wall, houseplants can add green, yellow, pink, orange, and much more. Flowers, tropical plants, and lush potted bushes can act as a focal point. 

But there is more to your plants than meets the eye. Indeed, the presence of plants can help reduce stress and introduce more oxygen to your indoors, so you are more likely to feel cozy at home! 

Plant decoration strategies can bring excitement to a rental, building a unique and vibrant interior. 

Let your fabric choice do the talking

Nothing says boring like minimalist features. While a minimalist decor can be appealing, minimalism in rental can lack personality and fun. So, if you live in a furnished apartment, you can make sure to focus on the details that will upgrade the style: Cushion covers and extravagant bedding sets. A colorful set can transform a monochromatic room and help you build a space that feels more like you. 

You can also use additional fabric accessories to tell a story, such as:

  • Bright hand towels in the kitchen 
  • A throw on the sofa
  • A vibrant organic cotton tablecloth and napkins ensemble
  • Decorative kitchen apron
  • Colorful curtains for windows with visible and accessible rails, etc.

You’d be amazed to see the difference these simple touches can make!

Make it a place for happy memories

Home is where the heart is. 

So, perhaps the best piece of advice you can receive as a tenant is to make your rental a place for meaningful memories. Memories give your interior a unique flavor, making it a space you look at with fondness. 

Whether you invite your best friends over for a meal or surround yourself with framed photos of your loved ones, it’s entirely up to you. What matters is to allow yourself to consider your rental as your home, then it can become a place:

  • Where you can confidently have guests
  • That you want to come back to after a long day
  • That you invest time in

Feeling at home in a rental is no impossible dream. As more and more Americans choose to become long-term tenants, it’s crucial to learn how to feel at home even when you don’t own the place. 

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