5 Concrete Reasons to Build a Concrete Home

concrete homeMore and more Americans are using concrete for their homes — and there are many good reasons behind this. Modern concrete houses surpass traditional wood and framed houses in many essential aspects. Here are five of the most important ones.

1. Goodbye Hurricane Fears

Even the hurricanes of Kansas City will do little to no damage to a concrete house. A concrete house, built by reputable contractors, can withstand winds of up to 250 miles per hour and the debris that come along with it. Concrete is dense, heavy, and strong.

These qualities allow concrete to survive hurricanes — with zero chance of getting blown away — and with almost very little damage. You may need to board a few windows, but that’s about it.

2. Lower Gas and Power Bills

Concrete is great for keeping any kind of weather from affecting your home. It serves as a great insulator from outside weather — protecting you and your family from extremes of cold and heat.

It keeps warmth in during the winters — with most of the cold coming from open windows or from opening and closing the door. Most times, you might not even need additional heating with a concrete house. During summer, concrete keeps heat out of the house, and it ensures conditioned air stays in.

3. Keeps Your Private Life Private

You can bang on the drums, crank up your music volume to 12, or have a boisterous gathering with friends — noise isn’t much of a problem with a concrete house. Concrete walls shield you from noise outside and block the noises that you make inside as well.

new home made from concrete

Screaming children? Not a problem. Godfather on Netflix? Crank it up. You won’t be getting any noise complaints, and your nighttime activities won’t be reaching the sharp ears of nosy neighbors.

4. No Pesky Insects

Unlike wood, concrete does not offer conducive housing to insects. Wooden houses are always at risk from termites, and these bugs can cause thousands of dollars in damage or even destroy your house entirely.

Beetles and ants can also make wooden houses their home — boring into the wood or making a nest in crevices and cracks. The solid structure of concrete prevents these insects from gaining any sort of foothold into your home — keeping your house safe from all insects that can potentially cause damage.

5. Lasts for Centuries

Concrete houses can last for centuries — with very little maintenance. Concrete houses are unaffected by the elements or rot and decay.

Over the years, paint would probably be the only thing you have to worry about in a concrete house. A concrete house can last for centuries — giving your descendants a place to consider home for generations to come.

Concrete houses do cost a little bit more, but you do make up for it with the savings in your gas and electric bill, lower cost of maintenance, and the almost unlimited lifespan of your house. It keeps your family safe from harsh weathers and gives generations of your family a place to call home.

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