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Practical Solutions for Repairing and Caring for Your Car Bumpers

Car crashes and collisions happen every day, and most of these crashes are minor accidents and do not cause any serious harm or injury to the passengers, the drivers, or even pedestrians. But you can’t say the same thing when it comes to vehicles. Sprinter vans often get damaged on their bumpers, and in many cases, the damage on the bumper can be severe. The car experts at Warner Vans of Utah explain that you could always find Sprinter van parts in Salt Lake City, but if you want to repair the part by yourself, you can do the following suggestions and fixes in your garage. If you have the right materials and equipment, these will be easy to complete.

Scruffs and Surface Scratches

You mostly deal with scratches and scruffs on your bumper in the same way that you deal with similar damage on the rest of your vehicle’s body. Buy the following materials: an abrasive such as 400-grit sandpaper, car primer, paint like the color of your bumper and a protective topcoat. Generally, what you would need to do first is to sand the area. Then once the area is smooth, you should apply the primer and give it another rub. Then wash the area thoroughly before you apply several thin layers of paint to match with the rest of the surface.


This type of damage is a more complicated matter that should be ideally left to bumper repair professionals. But that does not mean you cannot do it yourself! You should do the following things when you need to do this. The hole must be filled in first by mesh or auto repair cloth and then secured in place by adhesives to reinforce the bumper. After that, the process is quite like scratch removal. Just apply the primer, sand it down until smooth to the touch. Once it’s partially dry, then apply the paints. If you are a little unsure as to whether it’s good or not, then you should ask an expert to check your repair.

Dents and Bumps

Man checking for dents

These kinds of damages may look daunting to you at first, but they’re surprisingly easy to fix if you have the right tools for the job. For the shallow ones, a suction device should suffice. You can also opt to go down on it with a hammer, but keep in mind that this takes a lot more effort on your part since you must remove the bumper first. If you find that the dent is too big for you to fix, however, then you may need a new one from a store that sells sprinter van parts in Salt Lake City.

There’s always a way to fix your Sprinter van’s bumper by yourself. But you should not force yourself to fix the damage especially when you are not sure if you can accomplish the goal. If you don’t feel that you could handle your vehicle’s repairs, you can always get the professionals to handle it. Still, having the skills and knowledge about taking care of your van is a positive addition. Either way, what matters most is to get your bumper fixed and put your van back in running condition.

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