Art Deco Bathroom Style Guide

The art deco style is more present than ever today. People are interested in this 20th centubry’s style and usually design their bathrooms this way. But what is the art deco actually? What do you need to make your bathroom in this style?

It is style from the 20th century that became popular nowadays. Its main features by which can be recognizable are the strong colors, the geometric shapes and being bold. It is more than a style; it is a way of design. Even though it seems like a style from the 20th century, you can still add some elements and make it look more modern.

Here is short description about different parts of this style that might interest you. Take a look.

How to design a bathroom in art deco style?

  • The white and black contrast provides excellent design in the bathroom. But this doesn’t mean that you have to strongly use only these colors. There is wide range of options where you can use white and gold, green and golf, red and silver, etc. you can as well complement the entire design with the color of the towels or the other accessories.
  • If you are into replacing the entire bathroom interior, then it is the best to use angular shapes like the pedestal basins, the bathroom suites or the toilets, it is recommendable to have them in angular or square form.

The floors, the walls and the other patterns are recognizable by the bold patterns and the geometric designs. Simple and not expensive design of black and white tiles provides amazing look. Putting tiles around the bath, shower, basin and other areas is recommendable since you will have the complete look of your bathroom. You can add some shiny mosaic tiles at the end and paint the other walls if you are working with small budget.

Put wallpapers if you are into the geometric designs. It is recommendable to put wallpaper only on one wall; it will look better that way. However, You can choose from the huge number of available wallpapers on the market and pick your favorite.

You can end up the decoration with adding the finishing touches, like the wall mirror, the accessories, adding light in a bathroom where no light is coming, etc. You can add some angular mirror in the bathroom since it provides luxurious look. But make it simple, do not exaggerate with the design of the mirror, it might bring the opposite effect.

Including chrome and frosted glass is also important in the design of the bathroom. You can choose these materials for the soap holder, the robe hook, the towel hook or the toothbrush.

The finishing touches can change the total appearance and bring luxury and completeness.

Best colours

So, what are the most appropriate colors to use? Black and white of course, oyster creams, soft green, pastel colors of yellow, blue, pink and green. These will be the best choices if you are doing the art deco in your bathroom

No matter if the design will be modern or traditional, there are basic elements in the style by which is recognizable and those include no romance or fussiness, angular and geometric patterns, towels colored in bold, chrome final touches, mirrors with silver frames, linear decoration and excellent materials.

 Art Deco Bathrooms In 23 Gorgeous Design Ideas

The Art Deco as we mentioned before was the most popular aesthetic and fashion movement during the 20th century and involved metallic color schemes, geometric patterns and line design. It was based on the requirements of aesthetic appearance and sophisticated style. If you are one of those people that love their bathroom to look just glamorous, then this is the perfect decoration style for you. Here are described some interesting ideas of the Art deco design and how you can use it. Take a look and probably you will find your inspiration and perfect design for your bathroom as well.

Attic Art Deco Bathroom

The silver bathtub, the clean lines and the whole appearance of this bathroom bring bright and beautiful scent of the elements. The modern touch in this bathroom can be seen by the glass walk in the shower. Just amazing.

Beautiful Art Deco Bathroom

This is a jazzy tile pattern in black and white colors and linear look. The ziggurat pattern in the tiles presents the image of a skyscraper and it is one of the most popular designs in the art deco style.

The marble that is built into the golden faucets and the bathtub provides pleasant and clean feel. You will feel just amazing and very comfortable here.

Black Art Deco Bathroom

The presence of dark brings a little bit dark bathroom, but this looks equally glamorous as any other design. The black tiles with the glossy surface create amazing contrast in this interior and the red chair provides charming and sensual vibes. You will definitely want this design in your bathroom.

Bold Art Deco Bathroom

Just beautiful. So bright and charming. This art deco style represents this color in more of a sophisticated way where color of pastel pink is used. The scent of the wooden decorations gives the bathroom a vibrant vibes. It looks totally natural and comfortable.

Bright Art Deco Bathroom

It is very bright definitely. This built in bathtub in wood panels provides just amazing appearance of the whole bathroom. It is very bright and pleasant and the chair at a side provides classy and sophisticated scent.

Black and white color scheme is the final touch here that complements the entire atmosphere and look of the bathroom. If you want different colors you can always use green, golden yellow, blue, or purple in order to provide scent of energy.

Make sure that these colors are put in minimal traces in the bathroom since this art deco style is not focused on the colorful design of the bathroom.

Charming Art Deco Bathroom

A lot of space here huh? Definitely. There are few geometric patterns that can be seen here and the style provides excellent contrast. You can notice the clean lining and the amazing design. You can also add some beveled mirror for final touch. Sticking to the geometric shapes will provide the best interior of your bathroom.

The wallpaper with the brass bathroom sink provides excellent atmosphere and appearance of the whole bathroom, it gives classy look. The mirror in a geometric shape is suitable decoration for the wall.

Classic Art Deco Bathroom

The image that you see above represents a typical design of the art deco style. The tiling and the contrast of black and white can be immediately noticed. It gives dramatic appearance on the entire atmosphere. The black tiles on the white surface give classy scent.

Clean Art Deco Bathroom

The bathroom speaks about the entire house. If you make some effort in designing your bathroom in a way that everyone would stay speechless, then you have done the right thing. This interior design of a bathroom provides a scent of cleanliness and space. There is enough space and everything is complemented just perfectly. You can store a container under the sink for storing cleaning wipers, microfiber cloths and squeegee in order to wipe the surfaces after you had your shower.

The black and white tiles on the floor give the contrast effect.

Contemporary Art Deco Bathroom

This is other classical interior design of the art deco style for a bathroom. The white and grey colors provide modern atmosphere and appearance and the artwork above the bathtub provides the artistic scent of the design.

If you want more modern and sophisticated look, you can add granite countertops, dark wood cabinets, freestanding tub, flat-panel cabinets, floors of marble, under-mount sink and white walls.

Dramatic Art Deco Bathroom

The interior design of this bathroom is just lovely. The large picture that is on the wall at the side provides the bold statement. Even though this entire design that includes few paintings on the walls is not that suitable for a bathroom and might not be of your taste, you can still use some ideas and give a dramatic appearance of your bathroom. The presence of red color gives the dazzling scent and the wooden slatted floor is more useful than fashionable.

The baroque, the walls, the standalone bathtub and the red chair make the appearance of the bathroom classical one. Great sophistication and distinctive ambient.

Exotic Art Deco Bathroom

This interior design from the 1970s of porcelain and ceramic tiles is just as exotic as you could ever imagined. If you are more into the exotic stones, or the different appearance, then the brown marble is a perfect choice for the design of your bathroom. You can also add some bronze or gold touches to finish the look.

The bathtub in a shape of a claw provides soothing feel in the entire design. There is also vintage beige wallpaper that provides the visual effects in the bathroom. It is just amazing and you will instantly fall in love with this bathroom design.

Gray Art Deco Bathroom

Can you feel the dramatic scent of this bathroom? The shades of grey are just amazing. The tiles on the floor from marble accessorize the entire appearance of the bathroom and give some different look. The floating contrast of the colored cabinet makes the feeling of airier and larger space.

The white and grey combinations of the colors give balanced ambient in the whole design. The mirror gives the artistic touch of the design.

Minimalist Art Deco Bathroom

It is minimalistic but yet sophisticated appearance from the art deco style. It is a perfect choice if you want some minimalist bathroom with enough space. The contrast of black and white can be immediately noticed and the black chair and sinks provide another distinctive design, rare but amazing.

Natural Art Deco Bathroom

Having this design in your bathroom will provide the feeling of the nature. There are a lot of shiny surfaces that make the entire bathroom just amazing. The sense of warmth can be instantly felt with the first entrance in this bathroom. The wooden vanity, the white towels, the glass wall of the shower and the vase with the flowers make this art deco style unique and welcoming.

There is also refreshing sleek that you can feel after entering. The floor of marble and the black motifs on it in minimal appearance give the opulent scent of the bathroom.

Sleek Art Deco Bathroom

It might be a little bit dark, but it is an excellent and cozy place where you can spend a lot of time. It gives the feeling like you are heading towards the future. The window of a circled shape above the bathtub gives the feeling like you are not in a bathroom, but in some place of the movies with “walking in time” motifs.

The shapes of the furniture are curved and it is recommended to avoid sharp edges here since the entire motif was to have rounded-shaped design. The sofas in the ottoman style complement the design.

Spacious Art Deco Bathroom

You will definitely feel free here since there is a lot of place in this bathroom. It is simple but yet sophisticated. The marble wall and the glass walk in the shower give the elegant ambiance of the interior. It is truly amazing.

Splendid Art Deco Bathroom

Very comfortable interior design of a bathroom. You can immediately notice the scent of the classical style from the 19th century. It is a concept of a gallery that was put in the interior design. The classy palette of decorations and the grey marble give the luxurious scent of the bathroom. The Coco Chanel poster provides the artistic feel.

Stylish Art Deco Bathroom

The credenza is low piece furniture that can be seen in the living room or the dining room. This reflective bathtub and some of the accessories in the bathroom give different look of the bathroom. You can use the sideboard here for storing table linen, utensils or dishes.

The combination of gold bathtub and marble wall is amazing. This is the sleek scent of this art deco style. The wooden floor, the vintage glass bathroom and the brass sink, bring the charm of this bathroom. The wall made of mirror is just the final touch.

Unique Art Deco Bathroom

The wooden chairs and silky cushions have the sensual charm of the bathroom. It is very colorful and yet complemented interior design of a bathroom. The wooden bathtub, the wooden floor and chairs and the frame of the mirror bring the classical look of this interior design. You can feel the charm immediately.

The shower shape has doors on both of the sides and provides unique interior design of the art deco bathroom. Rare, but unique.

Vibrant Art Deco Bathroom

Very beautiful and comfortable bathroom. You can notice the wallpaper instantly with the black and white tiles. The shower is characterized with glass wall that complements the entire look and gives splendid vibe. The mirror in a rectangular shape on the wallpaper, the black sink, the white drawers and the lamp at the side make perfect atmosphere. It is just amazing piece of art deco style.

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