9 Ways to Make a Half Bath Feel Whole

Even if the Half baths may seem small. The reality is that you can easily save space with such a bath, and you will also enjoy the experience quite a bit. There’s a lot of value to be had here. And with these tips you can easily get some very good results, so check this out!

1. Make sure that you use blank walls. There are lots of walls mounted options that you can check out, so try to keep those in mind. You can also free up a lot of space with these, so try to keep that in mind. This will make the room to be less cluttered.

2. The idea here is to make the most out of your small space half bath. You can use a triangular shelf as this will help you save space fast and easy. You can easily store things like the spare towels and some decorative items here, just try to be creative and it will be great for sure.

3. Again, creativity is key in the case of storage options as well. You will need a small medicine cabinet, towel racks and maybe some mirrors placed over the door. Just make sure that you come up with a great and helpful idea in the end. And make you half bath more luxurious.

4. You can opt for pedestal sinks. Even if they don’t have a lot of storage, make sure that you create your own organization zone where you can put the less visually appealing essential right under the sink. Use a skirt to conceal them if possible.

5. If you can, use some floating shelves. These are a delight for sure, and they will come up with a great value in the end. You can store just about anything here and there is plenty of value to be had here.

6. You can store some stuff on the wall that’s located right above the door. This isn’t a place suitable for all types of items, but toilet paper, refills and so on may bring you a very good experience for sure.

7. You can use the essentials close to the sink, you can actually create an organizer right above the toilet. It doesn’t look idea, but it can offer you the type of experience and results that you may need. It certainly pays off a lot.

8. In case you don’t have a closet made out of lined, you can use some stuff that will allow you to organize everything properly. If you use tall shelving, you will make your ceilings feel taller and your room will also be more visually appealing in the end.

9. Remember, hooks can come in handy. Try to attach them to the hang bath towels and maybe put some suspended plants if you want a bit of a green touch.

How to Plan the Perfect Half Bath

Here you can find some of the best tips that you can use in order to squeeze the entire idea into a really good bath plan.

Adding a Half Bath

The Half baths manage to increase the home value and people also want to get convenience and privacy in one single purchase. There are many ways you can install such a thing, it all comes down to the current space and there are some other options that you can focus on depending on the situation.

You can have a bathroom carved from a garage, others added one in the attic dormer, others placed it under the stairway and so on. There are lots of options, in fact some people actually manage to turn a full bathroom into a half bath sometimes. Even so there are plenty of things to focus on when you place a Half bath, so read onward to get a bit more information about that!


Remember, Half baths are more than ok if you have 3-4 feet in width and 6-8 feet in length. Don’t make it smaller, because the bath might be uncomfortable. The larger baths aren’t really necessary if you are ok with Half baths, so try to keep that in mind. Creativity is key, you don’t need lots of space, it all comes down to how you use the space as a whole.

Functional Elements

Of course, you need to have a mirror, sink and a toilet. If you have a cabinet under the sink, you can add stuff like soap, hand towels, tissue paper and others pretty easily. The value is really good and the experience is very immersive.


You will require ventilation and drainage for your bath. Make sure that the bath does get close to the sewer connection and a source of water. Try to see if you can share a wall with another bathroom, this way you can connect to it with ease.

If your home is created on slab foundations, you will have to deal with slab patching and jack hammering, but it will be worth it even if it costs a little bit more than expected. These are expenses that you need to expect because the entire experience is designed to be rather distinct and unique to begin with.

The value is second to none here and the simple fact that you can connect to plumbing sources can be rather delightful.

Ventilation and Electrical Requirements

According to the current codes, you will need an exhaust vent or at least an operable window in your bathroom. You will also have to use a GFI circuit in order to install the outlets as this gives you extra protection against shock.

This is very important if the home does lack things like ventilation systems or a good electrical system. You don’t have to rush here. Try to take your time and you will find the results to be rather great and nothing short of interesting for sure.

Sound Insulation

You will need to do sound insulation for your bathroom. Just make sure that you do it properly. You will have to make sure that you can add sound insulation to the shared wall. You can try to wrap the drains, vents and water pipes with a material that’s ready to absorb sound.

This can be rather helpful and it will provide you with a very good experience. Try to use the right material and avoid rushing here, as sound insulation is very important and it will give you the value you need.

Visual privacy

Yes, you need visual privacy with the Half baths, so try to make sure that you put the bath right in the sight of any living space. Try to shield it from view as people need to come here in a discreet manner. A good room divider or a screen can come in handy.

There are lots of options to be had here, just make sure that the seats aren’t faced towards the door and that you keep the bath in a good, proper lane. Try to be creative and results can indeed pay off a lot!

Use Corners to Gain Space

One of the best ideas is to use corners in order to gain some space. This can be tricky, but with help from the Robern’s M Series Corner Cabinet. You can get a great way to fit your cabinet in any corner without a problem.

The unit is adjustable. And you do have a size that’s up to 40″ in length and 20″ in width. This is a very good aluminum cabinet that delivers a very good value for your money. And results will indeed pay off a lot.

Tucked Under a Stairway

Although not a lot of people use it, this is a very good option. It allows you to eliminate the obstacles and you can easily have the value you need. The issue is that you don’t have lots of head room and the ventilation is not exactly the best. At this point, you need to put the vanity or sink right on the tallest wall. In order for the hand washer to avoid bumping any heads.

Carved Out of a Garage

Sometimes, you can place Half baths in the garage. This will allow you to get a much better access. You don’t have to deal with issues such as doors banging one another. And the experience is rather impressive here because of that reason alone. It’s a distinct experience and one that will pay off a lot for sure!

Fitted Within a Dormer

If you have an attic and you want to create a unique and rather distinct gabled dormer. This can be the option. Make sure that you have the dormer with ceilings up to 7 feet. Or at least 5 feet as a minimum. In case the dormer is around 5 feet in length. You can easily add a bath tub, but it all comes down on the amount of space you have. The idea is to make the most out of your space, if you want to get a good set of results!

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