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Boost Safety in Your Outdoor Area for Your Family

When people think of building a swimming pool, they visualize endless moments of relaxation right in their backyards. Most assume this is an easy process that involves digging out a hole and filling it with water. Some opt for the swimming pool products touted as easy to fix. Even so, swimming pool construction involves more than excavation and filling the hole with water. It includes the installation of different elements designed to guarantee your pool area is safe and clean.

Bullfrog Spas, pool experts based in Salt Lake City Utah, often focus on the installation of filters, heaters, drains, and non-slip pool deck to boost the safety of your pool. Even so, they go the extra mile and put measures in place for the protection of your children around swimming pools. Kids are naturally drawn to water, and without the right measures, your swimming pool presents a drowning hazard for your kids. The following are some steps for boosting the safety of kids around pools.

Set Up Pool Barriers

Physical barricades like pool fences are your first line of defense against the drowning of children. In a few localities, regulations are in place for the installation of pool fences. Pool fences should be a minimum of 4-5 feet high, and their vertical bars should be narrow such that a child cannot fit through them. Any holes cut through solid pool walls such as for decorations and plants should be no more than 1.75 inches, so kids do not squeeze through them. There should also be no benches, stones, and other objects around the fence as kids can use them to jump over the fence.

Invest In Pool Covers

Your swimming pools will often not be in use throughout. When not in use, use a pool cover for it. Other than boosting the safety of your pool, the cover reduces the rate of evaporation and keeps debris out of the pool. There are different cover types. If, however, you want a hassle-free option, go for automatic covers that will retract when you want to use the pool. You can alternatively go for pool nets if you do not want the water to be completely covered.

Regularly Inspect Pool Drains

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The drains in your pool and spa, at times, generate a suction that is strong enough to pull a swimmer underwater. This suction might not be as strong to pull adults but can prove fatal for kids. You should ensure that your pool drain is optimally working through its regular professional maintenance to avoid injuries to your kids.

Avoid Leaving Toys in Pools

Some homeowners invest in colorful swimming pool toys for their kids. A few leave them in the swimming pool, even when not in use. These draw kids to the water, and they will try to retrieve the toys or play with them while unsupervised.

According to CDC statistics, 800-900 kids drown yearly in the U.S. With the above steps; your child will not make a part of this grim statistic. You will thus enjoy the benefits of a backyard pool, sure that it is safe for your child.

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