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Choosing The Right Flooring: What Suits Your Home?

Looking at different designs for your home can be quite fun. You get to select which materials to use, the color of the walls, the furniture, lighting and other fixtures that may improve the look of your interiors.

Another thing that guests, and even a homeowner like you, notice upon entering your home is the flooring. There are different types of floor designs for everyone’s taste and budget, but hardwood floors are more ideal if you’re from Salt Lake City where temperature can be very dry (and cold), You choose between laminate and engineered.

Engineered Hardwood Floor

For starters, an engineered flooring using hardwood is technically more durable and susceptible to weather changes. Wood floors tend to expand, warp and crack due to an extreme climate. This type uses sliced pieces of wood that are combined with plywood which makes it more sustainable compared to a laminated or vinyl hardwood. An engineered floor normally uses the entire tree which means that less waste for you and your manufacturer.

When it comes to installation, engineered hardwood is quite easier to furnish over a subfloor or concrete. It weighs upon better against humidity compared to solid or natural hardwood, making it advisable for residents living in sunny or rainy areas. However, responsive to this kind of weather condition, there still needs to maintain hardwood by waterproofing and fixing dents or cracks before lodging the wood.

Aside from hardwood flooring, an engineered method is also great for your ceilings. Your hardwood ceilings can exhibit a rustic atmosphere that is sought by most homeowners in different areas. Because of its process, you’re going to be certain of its durability and convenience especially during the rainy season.

Laminate Hardwood Flooring

flooring installationIf you want a more affordable floor pattern or material, a laminate floor is your best bet. It’s a layer of wood attached to the subfloor that is an imitation of a variety of materials that can complement the interior design of your home. You can opt to have a different wood species or even go for a stone design, leather or ceramic tile.

The top layer of a laminate floor is masked with a coating of resin that can resist markings and scratches from pets and shoes, as well as fading. You can ask your manufacturer or designer to select a more realistic version of the floor pattern of your choice subject to a more expensive price of course.

Most people prefer this process because it’s easier to accomplish and can save them a lot more than an engineered floor. In laminate flooring, the wood isn’t fastened to a subfloor but each plank or plywood is put together and glued onto an underlayment pad. Laminate flooring can be done without professional help. It can go over your old flooring without having to remove any flooring, nail or glue it down.

Talking to your designer can help choose which process or method is best for your house. Consider your location, the climate, and your lifestyle before finalizing on your hardwood flooring. Contact your local installation crew for any assistance and professional help.

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