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Cleaning Solo: The Best House Cleaning Strategy

Your house can be a reflection of you. How you take care of it will be the measure of what you are as a person. Which is why keeping it clean is important to many. It can be a personal statement, but you are also doing that to protect everyone’s health.

You can try to make housecleaning a regular thing. But with work, kids, and other stuff, sometimes it’s not doable. It will start to look like an insurmountable task. It’s at this point when you turn to professionals to do the job for you. That’s totally okay. You can call someone who offers carpet cleaning services in London, for example.

Taking care of a house is not always a one-person job. But if you do some planning, it can be manageable. You can try to do these yourself:

The Perfect Time

Start thinking about what time you can start the cleaning. If the house members are not bothersome, any time of the day will do. But if you have little kids, do it while they are asleep or at school. It’s best to do it during the daytime so that you can take advantage of natural light.

Pick the Rooms

As you are going to do this yourself, know that you might not cover all your house. So you need to pick the rooms out first. This is all going to be your preference. You can go for the toughest and most cluttered rooms only. Or you can go for the easier ones and leave the more challenging ones to the professionals. As far as the sequencing goes, go for the bedrooms first and then move your way to the other rooms, leading you back to the front door.


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Each room may pose a different set of challenges, so tread lightly. As much as possible, you want this to be not too demanding on you physically. So you will have to refrain from pulling or carrying heavy stuff.

On very cluttered rooms, bring with you a box or any container where you can put little stuff in. Reduce the clutter so that you have a wider floor to move on. This is going to be your general goal for each room. You want to be able to focus and move freely, and this space will also make you see spots that need cleaning better. Set the container aside. Or better yet, bring it out of the room and bring it back in when you’re done.

Once you have nailed down the floor spacing, it’s time to think which part of the room you want to start with. If there are small pieces of furniture that you can move, move them all to one side. Just let the bigger and heavier stuff stay where they are.

Work Your Way

Now that you’ve established your work area, you can begin cleaning. It’s up to you how extensive it is going to be. You can be as thorough as you want. But just a quick sweep or dusting of the room should be enough, especially if you are going to do it regularly. Scrubbing of walls and floors can be exhausting to do on your own. So it’s best to save your energy; you may have other things to do around the house.

There’s a nice sense of accomplishment when you do house cleaning. In the end, it’s all worth it. Taking care of your home is taking care of your family.

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