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Damaging Duo: 2 Things That Can Ruin Your Car

A car is more than a machine; it’s also a source of pride. Its model, speed, and machinery all contribute to give the driver their prestige. A car is the culmination of a century of technological development made to satisfy the need for speed. One of the best features a car can showcase its power and beauty is through its paint job.

The right color, gleaming and sleek, can transform a car from a simple machine to a luxury vehicle. Custom paint jobs can further reflect the character of the driver, giving a car more personality. So it makes sense for a driver to take every step to ensure that their car remains pristine.

But sometimes other forces can damage your car and its paint job. Although you can sometimes prevent this by getting clear paint protection applied in Salt Lake City, Sandy, or any other city in Utah, what things do you need to be aware of to protect your beloved automobile?

The Environment

Utah has a challenging environment. It combines desert heat during the summer and freezing cold during winter. You should be wary of these ups and downs in temperature because repeated freezing and thawing can cause tiny fractures on your car’s paint. Compromised paint coat can lead to rust, which will certainly affect your vehicle’s appearance and performance.

The desert highways and badlands also present another environmental hazard to your car’s coat. Tiny stones and pebbles can cause small cracks and dents on your vehicle. Avoid driving through unfinished roads or unpaved terrain to encounter these less often.

Even animals can cause damage to your car. Bird droppings have slightly corrosive substances in them that can cause discoloration on your car if left unwashed. You can protect your vehicle by avoiding parking under trees and washing off any bird waste immediately.

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Other Drivers

According to the Transportation Department of Salt Lake City, 38 people in motor vehicles were in serious accidents in 2017. Seven motorists had fatal accidents in the same year.

Utah drivers are the third most distracted in the nation, with 39 motorists out of 10,000 posting content on social media while driving. Two counties in the state, Millard County and Emery County, are among the top ten deadliest counties to drive through in the country.

You may be as careful and concentrated as needed, but other drivers may not be as responsible. If you get into a collision with another vehicle, you can lessen the damage to your car and yourself with a few tips.

If a collision seems inevitable, you should make every effort to slow down your vehicle. This will mean less damage to your car, you and your passengers, and the people in the other vehicle.

If you’re colliding with another car, aim for where you can cause the least damage or injury. The trunk of the car is preferable than slamming into the passenger side or driver’s seat. Grazing the tail light is better than smashing their trunk and license plate. If you can find a target less solid than the car, steer your car into that object. A shrub or garbage bin will do less damage than a van.

You should always be mindful about your car, off the road or on it. Your car may be the epitome of speed and ingenuity, but your safety and the safety of others should always come first. You can buy a new car, but your life doesn’t have a price tag.

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