Decor Tips For Dark Hallways With No Windows

Hallways are often forgotten about when people are renovating their homes. All of the focus goes into the individual rooms, but if you want to create an amazing aesthetic throughout the house, you need to pay attention to space between too. Hallways without windows can be particularly difficult to deal with because they often feel very dark and cramped. The good news is, there are a few simple tricks you can use to brighten them up and make them look amazing. Here’s how you can decorate a hallway without windows. 

Paint The Doors

The internal face of wooden doors soak up a lot of light in the hallway, making it feel much darker. So, if you want to brighten up the hallway, you should paint them. Always go for a light color, it doesn’t have to be white necessarily, but anything too dark will make the problem worse. Pastel shades are particularly good for this, just make sure that you choose something that goes well with the color scheme of the walls in the hallway. This will help to reflect the light in the hallway and create the illusion of light and space. 

Use Glass Doors To Channel Light 

Painting the doors is great, but you could go one step further and replace them with glass panel doors. You can use frosted glass so you still have privacy, and this allows you to channel light from the adjoining rooms. This will open up the whole space and make it much brighter. 

Add Twin Mirrors 

A narrow hallway can easily feel quite cramped, but adding some twin mirrors makes a big difference. Get some nice quality mirrors from somewhere like Glasscrafters and place them opposite one another in the center of the hallway. This reflects light and opens the space up a lot. It also provides a great focal point for the hallway so it’s interesting rather than being a piece of dead space that you use to get from room to room. Mirrors also work brilliantly when placed at the end of a long hallway. The reflection extends the space and makes it feel very grand, even though it’s just a simple hallway. 

Put Up Some Wall Art

Wall art is another simple way to take a boring wall and make it into a feature. Hallways are the perfect place for this, so get creative with some different pieces. If you want to create a unique look in the hallway, don’t hang them all at the same level. Try some different sizes and play around with the placement so you can create a more dynamic display that moves down the hallway. Instead of a dull hallway, you’ve turned the space into an interesting gallery feature that will impress guests as they move through your home. When you are choosing art to display, make sure that you stick to the same sort of light color schemes you use on the walls and internal doors. 

Your hallway doesn’t have to be a boring, functional area of the home. Make these simple changes and you can turn it into a feature all of its own.

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