Essential Office Maintenance to Keep Your Office in Great Condition

Designing a great office provides the right environment for your staff, and it can help to present the best image to any visitors too. After you’ve set up an amazing office space, you need to maintain it if you want it to continue looking good and functioning well. Office maintenance should keep your office in good condition, even as it’s being used every day. But with multiple aspects of your office requiring maintenance, from daily care to annual inspections, you need to know what to pay attention to. If you neglect the maintenance in your office, you could quickly find a number of problems developing and your office deteriorating. Take a look at these steps that you should be taking to maintain your office.

Regular Cleaning

As people move around your office all day, they slowly ensure it gets messier and dirtier. Even if you’re office staff spend most of their time sitting at their desks, the space still needs to be cleaned. And with spaces such as shared kitchens and break rooms, as well as bathrooms, regular cleaning becomes even more important. Some small offices decide to rely on their usual staff to take care of everyday cleaning. This requires employees to tidy up after themselves and perhaps have a rota to take it in turns to clean. Of course, the other option is to hire cleaners who might clean once a week, every day, or at other intervals.

Deep Cleaning

As well as standard, everyday cleaning, there are times when you might want to clean more thoroughly. A deeper clean ensures that anything that might usually be missed during standard cleaner will be sanitized too. If you want to ensure your office is thoroughly sanitized, you might want to look for an electrostatic office cleaning company. Electrostatic sanitizing is used to evenly distribute a cleaning solution across all surfaces. This means it won’t miss any hidden corners, giving your office a full clean.

Day-to-Day Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your office helps to prevent small problems from turning into larger issues. You might not need to have a maintenance person on-site at all times, but it’s important to ensure you’re keeping on top of any maintenance issues. For example, if a light bulb needs to be replaced or a creaking door hinge needs to be oiled, having someone to fix it as soon as possible is smart. You might have a dedicated maintenance person but some smaller offices can potentially rely on other employees to do some things. However, you’ll need to take health and safety into account if regular office employees are carrying out even small maintenance tasks.

Furniture and Equipment Inspections

The furniture and equipment in your office don’t last forever. It gets affected by wear and tear and needs to be maintained to keep it in good condition. Inspecting your furniture and equipment will help you to keep everything looking good and working well. Servicing office equipment like printers and photocopiers will help to prevent problems from developing. Inspecting your office furniture and equipment means you can make a note of anything that needs to be repaired and fix it quickly. Anything from a chip in the surface of a desk to a printer that’s out of toner can be addressed.

Office Facility Inspections

You need to ensure various office facilities and utilities are working properly. Inspecting the plumbing and electrics, for example, are key tasks to help take care of your office. It’s also important to check that everything is working in the bathrooms and you might have other facilities to inspect, such as an office kitchen. Regular inspections could also include testing of essential systems, such as fire prevention systems and security systems, to ensure everything is working as it should be.

Office Repairs

When repairs are needed around the office, leaving them too late could cause further problems. Even if the repair required is only small, it could quickly turn into a bigger problem. When something needs to be repaired, get it taken care of straight away. If you have a regular maintenance person or company, you can easily have them carry out the repair. But there are also occasions when you need to call in a repair company to come and fix whatever is broken. Make sure you get the right people for the job so they carry out the work well.

Keep your office in fantastic condition when you follow these essential maintenance rules to prevent it from slowly falling apart.

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