How To Make Your Home’s Furniture Last Longer

Furniture is the foundation of any home’s interior design, so it is no surprise to see many homeowners investing in quality furniture for their living spaces. According to 2019 Statista data, the average expenditure per consumer unit on furniture was $521. Since furniture pieces are costly investments, ensuring that they last as long as possible makes sense. Please consider these points if you wish to learn more about making your home’s furniture last longer.

Keep Your Pets Away From Furniture

Pets are beloved companions in the United States, with a Houzz survey revealing that US homeowners are particularly lenient with their pets. An estimated 78% of respondents in this survey said they would give their cats full access to their furniture, with 48% saying the same for their dogs. Although pets are lovely, they can bring in the dirt that destroys your furniture eventually. In addition, pets can chew, scratch, and soil couches and chairs if you grant them full furniture access. Therefore, discourage your cats and dogs from lounging on your furniture to prevent any long-term damage.

Keep Furniture From Direct Sunlight

Sunlight can damage furniture over time despite the appeal of natural light in the home. Consequently, it is essential to keep your pieces of furniture away from direct sunlight to prevent them from getting destroyed in the long run. You can move your furniture pieces to areas where sunlight can’t reach to prevent them from fading. Additionally, invest in great curtains to keep light out. Top-notch blackout curtains will reportedly block out up to 90% of the sunlight from your windows, reducing the amount of light that your furniture pieces are exposed to. Finally, you can invest in window treatments to keep light out. Thankfully, experts like Solar Screen Outlet sell custom solar screens for windows to reduce the light entering your home and damaging your furniture.

Clean Furniture Regularly

Cleaning furniture regularly is excellent for longevity, so it would be best to clean your furniture pieces frequently for the best results. Tiny dust particles can gather on your furniture and cause them to look old. As such, you can use a damp cloth to get rid of dirt. In addition, consider vacuuming your upholstery in all of its corners to address areas you might frequently overlook when cleaning. Also, always clean furniture using mild chemicals to prevent any strong, lingering scents afterward.

Always Eat At The Table

Eating at the table is a great way to spend more time with family members and clean your furniture. Unwanted spills, stains, and odors that do not easily come out can quickly occur while enjoying your meals in bed or on the couch. Therefore, it is best to always eat in the dining area where couches, sofas, carpet, and other absorbent furniture are absent. This way, any spills, stains, and crumbs can be easily cleaned. Also, if you spill any drink or food on your couch or sofa, clean it up instantly to prevent long-term damage.

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