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Creating Family-friendly Outdoor Spaces

For most homeowners, especially parents, having safe and fun spaces in their homes is a worthy investment. From creating home playgrounds to relaxing, comfy decks, having such amazing outdoor living spaces can make your family more enjoyable. And yes, even if you have a small outdoor space or yard on your property, you can absolutely create a play area for your kids or a space to grow your vegetables and herbs.

Need some creative ideas and fun tips for your project? Here are some of the favorite things we do when transforming a dull yard into a fun-filled zone for the entire family. Note that a few of these can be DIY, while others require hiring a professional, so you got to prepare that extra cash.

1. Build zones for physical activities

While most adults love to turn their outdoor space into comfy reading areas or BBQ setups, it’s also great to have zones where the young ones can engage in physical activities. Give your kids a reason to put down their phones or tablets and build a basketball court on your property. Don’t waste that huge empty yard!

The best thing is, such sports area requires minimal maintenance and if you’ve got it done by a trusted contractor. For example, you’d usually need a basketball-surfacing service every six to ten years, which isn’t a headache at all compared to maintaining play area equipment. You can also build courts for tennis or volleyball. If you got a pretty limited yard space, half courts are a better option.

2. Build an outdoor kitchen

Who says you can prepare and enjoy a good meal with the family in your yard? We’ve seen outdoor dining setups in thousands of modern residential properties, but there are still a few who’ve actually built an outdoor kitchen. The idea is a bit costly as it sounds, but it can totally up the game for you when preparing a meal for your family.

If you have a smaller area, you can build a kitchen setup that only has a prep counter and sink for you to put finishing touches on the dishes or mix drinks. But if you have enough space and budget, then a full kitchen is the goal.

You can create a shabby chic outdoor kitchen with neutral gray accounts on your counters, and to achieve a relaxing aged look, you can use whitewashed brick for the overall structure. If you’re going for a rustic style, you can use gray wood to build your kitchen. Minimize your decorations and focus on the classic barn door style cabinets and open shelving.

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3. Create cozy, chill-out spots

Aside from those fun and functional spaces, you also need to make sure that there’s a spot where everyone can sit comfortably and relax. Having comfortable seating options in your outdoor space isn’t only beneficial for the family but is also an amazing spot to receive and entertain your guests.

The trend for modern outdoor living spaces these days is using mismatched furniture pieces. If you’ve got couches, outdoor sofas, benches, or stools, you can creatively set them up. You can have conversation and drinks on the sofa then serve the amazing backyard lunch on your long wooden table and benches. Got tons of cozy cushions in the house? You can scatter them in the ground for additional comfort!

4. Upgrade the play area

Another great option for those who want to save some yard space. Instead of the traditional way of building an outdoor play area wherein you’d likely scatter everything, group them in one specific zone. You can group play equipment such as swings, slides, and playhouses. It’s best to use special play surfaces, typically made from recycled materials, for the zone. Be sure to use playful shapes and bright colors to increase the sense of fun.

Looking to install more fun spaces? You can also have a weatherproof sandbox with built-in seats, a hammock retreat built under your outdoor table, or DIY a treehouse if you got some hidden carpentry skills.

Having an outdoor living space or activity zone can bring out all the right reasons for you and your kids to have fun and enjoy fresh air. Our last tip for homeowners is that if you plan to create more than one living space in your yard, be sure to have a good balance of relaxation for adults, relaxation and aesthetics for your teens, and play and fun for your little ones. That way, each member of your family can enjoy being outdoors.

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