Four Ways To Enhance Your Kitchen Cabinets

There are times when a full remodeling job is completely justified. There are also times when a bit of a wash and brush up is all that’s needed. A lot of the time, however, you need something in-between. This is particularly true in the kitchen. Your cabinetry is meant to last but it can get dated. With that in mind, here are four ways to enhance your kitchen cabinets.

Change up the finish

If you’re renting, then contact paper is likely to be the way to go here. It’s budget-friendly, easy to put on, and easy to take off. Unless you’re very lucky, you’re going to be able to see that it is a cover rather than a proper finish. Even so, it is still likely to be a vast improvement on a lot of rental kitchens.

If you’re a homeowner, by contrast, then it’s often worth putting in a bit more effort and budget. After all, you’ll get the full benefit of it. You can try your hand at painting your kitchen cabinets. This can work very well if you just want to update a few cabinet doors. If, however, you want to do any more than that then usually the best option is to call in a cabinet refinishing company.

Remove solid doors

If your kitchen is feeling crowded then removing some or all of your solid cabinet doors may create a feeling of more space. Depending on your taste and budget you could either leave the body of the cabinet to function as open shelving or replace the solid door with a glass one. The former is, of course, more affordable, but the latter gives the contents more protection.

For most people, removing solid cabinet doors would need to be done strategically. In the real world, most people need hidden storage, especially in kitchens. Also, leaving items out in the open can put them at increased risk of damage. You might be able to get around them by putting them into protective containers but this can be extra work you don’t want to do.

Swap out handles

This is probably the ultimate renter-friendly tip. It requires minimal to no DIY skills and hence can be done very quickly. What’s more, you can get handle options for every taste and budget. You can also make your own handles or customize pre-made handles. In fact, there is such a huge range of options that the biggest challenge can be choosing the right one for you.

The top tip here is to think about function first and form second. Your home kitchen might not have to meet the same rigorous standards as professional kitchens but they can still act as inspiration. You want your hand to feel comfortable whenever you open a cabinet door. This means that you often want to avoid fancier designs and stick to more basic knobs, pulls, and bars.

Decorate the inside

Decorating the inside of kitchen cabinets is generally a whole lot easier than decorating the outside. The very easiest option is just to use contact paper. Take out the contents and shelves. Give the inside a clean and then cut a sheet of contact paper to size. Smooth it down and trim the edges with a knife.

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