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Common Interior Design Mistakes to Watch Out For

Designing your home is a fun and liberating experience. You can decide what kind of materials you’ll be using. You’re free to express yourself through your designs; it’s generally a great artistic activity. However, what most people don’t seem to realize or understand is that it’s not easy. You can choose all the things you like, but there is no guarantee that they will mesh well together.

Between choosing what goes best together and how you’re going to position your furniture, there are many factors involved in designing your own space. You need to be aware of actual renovation matters, like knowing what to prioritize, how to measure your space and furniture, and a lot more. Even the tiniest bit of oversight can lead to something particularly off-putting, like a couch measured incorrectly that ends up jutting out by a few inches.

This is why interior design is an entire industry of its own. Some certain skills and abilities lend themselves to being a good interior designer. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try your hand at interior design. After all, it’s your house- you’ll be living in it. It’s your input that matters the most. But some mistakes are best avoided, and we’re listing them to help you make better decisions.

Not Having Good Lighting

One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of interior design is lighting. We get it, the focus is more on the colours and layout of the house, but sometimes, the magic of interior design isn’t there. It’s in the lighting. Good lighting can make or break your home, and a good way to see it in action is by looking at interior set pieces designed by professionals. Even hotel rooms and high-end facilities utilize good lighting to really make their design look great. When designing your home, take the time to study good lighting and apply it to your situation.

Not Thinking About Traffic Pattern

Here’s a pro tip from interior designers everywhere: don’t forget traffic patterns. If you’re not familiar with that, don’t worry. It’s basically how people move through a room, how they traverse from point A to point B. For example, how do you get to your bathroom from your living room? That small journey is what traffic patterns are.

Make no mistake; it’s essential. You don’t want to design a house with many obstacles and blockages that make simple tasks difficult. You want a clean and open hallway so people can walk safely with no worries. Your kitchen should be designed so that it won’t pose a danger to younger ones. The traffic pattern is one of the most important elements of interior design, and it’s something that you should.

Not Sticking to Your Budget (Or Not Having a Clear Budget)

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Everyone wants to have the best-looking home, with the best pieces of furniture that money can buy. But the reality isn’t as cosy, and the truth is that most of us have to contend with a limited budget. This is perfectly fine, as all it takes to design a good house is proper and clever planning. What’s as important is you following your budget and falling into the temptation of buying something you want but don’t particularly need.

You don’t want to fall into a situation where you bought something you absolutely like, but at the expense of having to sacrifice something else, that’s important. What you can do is make a note of it, purchase everything you need in the meantime, and buy it when you have the funds for it. This way, you’re getting what you need, and eventually, also getting what you want.

Not Taking Exact Measurements

When we buy furniture, we normally make a quick guess and hope for the best. Obviously, when you’re putting thought and concern into the design of your home, this should be the last thing you do.

Making “guesstimates” might be convenient, and you probably think you have a good grasp of the size of your home, but it’s best to take the exact measurements regardless. If you want to buy a canopy for your residential property, you need to ensure that it extends as far out as you need it to be. By keeping the exact measurements in mind when buying furniture and appliances, you can make sure the things you’re buying match the space allotted for them.

As mentioned before, designing your own home is fun. But living in a house that’s badly designed isn’t. Keep in mind the tips given here, and you’re sure to be living in a space that you enjoy.

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