Grow Lights & Mini Greenhouses

Are you curious about expand lights & a tiny greenhouse for interior horticulture?

When I have actually shared messages such as expanding microgreens inside or seed beginning 101, I get asked a whole lot about our indoor greenhouse and expand light established.

Today I intended to show you the expanded lights & mini greenhouse we’re using

We have actually expanded indoor child eco-friendlies, herbs, micro greens obviously, numerous seed starting every spring!

The expanded lights we’re using for interior gardening

We have actually been using sun blaster expand lights currently for 7 years. We have 5 bulbs and have only replaced among them (& I believe it was our mistake that it stopped working!). While I haven’t attempted various other expand lights, these have actually functioned fantastic for us. I would certainly love it if you can share your faves in the remarks!

Our mini greenhouse & grow light configuration

We have actually utilized this 3 tier mini greenhouse for 8 years currently. The plastic cover of our mini greenhouse has become as well old and the zipper broke so it requires changing. We make use of a 2 foot sun blaster expand light with reflector on each rack. Although the plants get better light if one tray was under each light, we increase them up and turn the pots. Due to the fact that we begin many seeds interior I’ve been tempted to add a second established with a 4 tier interior greenhouse with more lights. Considering that we have actually acquired our expand lights they brought out LED ones. Our grow lights are the T5 High Output Fluorescent.

Sun blaster also carries these mini greenhouses that do not take up excessive space, perfect for expanding herbs!

Although expand lights and also a mini greenhouse could be a financial investment, I assume they’re well worth it over time!

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