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Heating Systems: Luxury or Necessity?

Although armed with complex systems, the human body can be vulnerable to environmental factors outside its control. For instance, exposure to extreme cold can significantly affect our well-being. This is why it goes without saying that keeping the temperature in our homes warm is highly important.

Throughout human history, people have tried varying ways to keep their bodies warm. These include huddling in groups around bonfires, using natural resources to keep their dwellings cozy, and consuming food rich in fats to heighten body temperature.

Today, technology has allowed us to have sophisticated and well-functioning heating systems tasked with maintaining the temperature at an acceptable level. Some examples are standard split heat pump system, mini-split heat pumps, gas furnaces, and geothermal heat pumps. To find the heating mechanism most suitable for you, it’s suggested to discuss options with your service provider.

Importance of Maintenance

Although heating systems are essential in most homes, they can be quite expensive. In fact, an online source in Salt Lake City reports that the average American family spends over $7000 on home heating systems. This price can surge even more with heating repair and maintenance services.

This is why it’s recommended that every household prioritize heating system maintenance. Regularly checking the thermostat and keeping the mechanism clean will prolong the life of your heating systems.

The heating system can be a safety risk, considering that according to statistics, about 25% of home fires are caused by faulty systems. It’s vital to inspect all connections with electrical aspects of the heating system, as they can be a fire hazard. Most heating systems also contain carbon monoxide and leakage of this substance can cause severe health complications.

Professional Services

Heater maintenance

Many households set aside routine maintenance of their heating systems because they appear to be complicated and costly. However, proper maintenance can save you more money than you realize. If you damage the system, it will be more expensive to have some certain equipment replaced or worse, the entire system itself reinstalled.

It’s important to note that it’s not advisable to do things yourself. Complex systems with electrical components are not a safe DIY operation. Hire a professional to ensure safety and efficiency in services such as repair, routine maintenance, and installation of heating systems.

Suggested Temperature Levels

In cities with naturally cooler climates like Salt Lake City in Utah, proper heating systems are essential. The snow-capped peaks of the Wasatch range greatly contribute to its cold temperature, which can drop to about -3 °C in December.

Owners often wonder about the temperature levels they should set in their homes during the winter season. Here are several recommendations for thermostat settings: In the daytime, 20 °C to 22 °C is acceptable. During the night, 17 °C to 19 °C is advised.

Setting the thermostat to your preferred temperature and not changing it can take a toll on your energy bills. It’s, therefore, suggested by the U.S. Department of Energy to lower the temperature by one degree every week as you get acclimated to the cold weather. Such a small reduction is reported to reduce your bill by about 1%. Investing in a programmable thermostat is another good option for both convenience and practicality.

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