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Bringing Nature in the Workplace: How It Affects Productivity

It is only natural that nature draws humans to the outdoors. We tend to have an innate bond with nature that it affects our health and well-being, including our motivation and productivity at work.

Nowadays, more and more companies are adopting nature into their office design aesthetics, bringing its many benefits along with it. As this has become a rising trend in the corporate industry, bringing the outdoor space to work has turned into the new model of an ideal office.

What it really offers to a company’s success  

Studies show that adding one plant for every square mile in a work area affects employees’ productivity by 15%. That is why there are many businesses using this strategy to their advantage. These companies allow their employees to work outside the office premises, for one. Also, they strive to bring the outdoors inside, as well.

The rapid development in the top major cities tends to distance more people from nature. That is why incorporating the outdoor space in a company’s office layout is an excellent way for employees to enjoy nature, even when confined in their workspace. It also lets them feel their surroundings. Companies are hiring concrete contractors in Kansas City to materialize their new office layout plans.

Stress and its effects on employees’ productivity

Work-related stress can affect the performance of employees. Even worse, it can lead to various stress-related health problems. So, it is only a must for businesses to find ways to help reduce stress in the workplace.

One of the strategies that most companies currently use is encouraging their employees to step outside of the office now and then. Spending eight hours every single day in the office can make employees lose their enthusiasm and motivation. By letting them go outside and experience the outdoors, they get to regain their energy and focus, which, in turn, can help them become productive again.

Setting up a pop-up office is a great idea, especially if they want to work outside. The pop-up place should be able to withstand any weather condition, though. It should also use quality materials to create an ideal workplace outside of the office.

The best perk of working ‘outdoors’

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Although it may seem simple, what most employees crave the most is the natural light and views that the outdoors have to offer, according to a study. Their need for natural light even surpasses their demand for onsite cafeterias and fitness centers.

The study showed that reduced access to natural light affects employees’ work. Almost half of the respondents also admitted to feeling more exhausted and gloomy when they do not have access to natural light or even a window at their workplace.

Companies can use these reports to create a strategy that focuses on the importance of their employees’ health and well-being. Designing an interior space that incorporates the outdoors can help employees enjoy what it feels like to be outside. Thus, making them feel free from the stress that they experience inside the office.

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