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4 Popular Home Designs in the US

A home is more than just a roof over your head. It’s a reflection of your style, your taste, and your personality. So, it’s no surprise that there are nearly endless design possibilities when building or remodeling a home. To help narrow down the field, here’s a list of some of the most popular home designs in the US. Keep reading to learn more!

Craftsman-Style Homes

These homes are characterized by their simple yet elegant design. They typically have low-pitched roofs, wide eaves, exposed rafters, and large front porches. They also often feature double-hung windows, natural materials like stone and wood, and beautiful built-ins. A Craftsman-style home may be the perfect fit if you’re looking for a warm and inviting home with plenty of character.

Victorian Homes

Victorian homes are known for their ornate and elaborate designs. These homes feature turrets, bay windows, stained glass windows, patterned shingles, and other eye-catching details.

Additionally, this home design comes with a rich history. They were first built during the early 1800s to the early 1910s. These homes were built for wealthy Americans during the industrial revolution.

Victorian homes are a great choice if you’re looking to give your home lots of character or if you’re a fan of old-world architecture and interior design. Just be prepared to do extra work to maintain all those intricate details!

A beautifully built Victorian home

Tudor Homes

These homes are known for arched entryways, decorative rooflines, steep roofs, and stone walls. They can also be designed with brick or half-timbering exteriors and parapets along the roofline.

The interiors of these homes typically feature fireplaces in almost every room (sometimes even more than one), along with hardwood floors and stained glass windows. These homes are probably the oldest in history, as most were built during the early 1400s. If you want your home to feel like a stately castle from the middle ages, then Tudor may be the perfect home design for you!

Modern Homes

Modern homes are defined by their clean lines and simple yet stylish design. These homes tend to be very functional and efficient while also being exceptionally comfortable to live in. If you’re looking for a cutting-edge design that will make life easier, a modern-style home is worth considering.

There are nearly endless possibilities when designing or redesigning a home. To help narrow down the field, these are the most popular styles in the US. Each type has its unique features and characteristics that make it special. However, they can be pretty expensive to build. Here are three tips to drastically reduce your overall building cost.

Hire the Right Contractor

The contractor will be responsible in large part for your building budget. You’ll need to research and interview different contractors to get the best value. Overall, it’s good to hire an experienced custom home builder if you want to build complicated designs like Victorian homes. This will ensure that everything is made to the highest standards and that there are no hidden costs you need to deal with later on.

It’s also important to negotiate prices whenever possible. Most contractors have a lot of wiggle room regarding price negotiation. For example, counteroffers on certain building materials or services can help you save money. You should also plan everything out in advance to avoid additional costs or delays.

Pick Practical Materials

This may seem obvious, but many people ignore it. Building materials like stone and marble will increase your budget significantly because they’re expensive (and are great for adding character). However, plenty of other options will allow you to achieve the same look while keeping costs down. For example, you could use fiber cement siding instead of stone or brick or opt for laminate kitchen counters rather than marble.

You should also consider using sustainable materials. These materials are recyclable, better for the environment, and often cost less than traditional building materials. Plus, they can help your home appeal to buyers later on. Some of the best sustainable materials include bamboo flooring, cork insulation, and natural grass carpet.

Get Creative With Lighting

Another easy way to reduce building expenses is by using creative lighting and design. For example, skylights can let in natural light and make your home feel more spacious. Additionally, you can save money on electricity by installing low-wattage LED lights throughout your house.

It’s all about being practical when planning the design, hiring the right contractor, and being willing to compromise on materials and features that are less important to you. If you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be well on reducing costs while building or renovating your dream home!​

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