Improving Your Water Pressure At Home

Winter is in full swing and now that a new year has dawned it is time to invest in a fresh start and get back on track. We are likely all going to be stuck in here ur homes for a while longer as the pandemic rages on, and this means now is the ideal time for you to take a look at some home projects to keep you busy and get rid of those niggling issues. 

One of the things that can often be taken for granted in the home is our water supply, and water pressure is an issue it might take a little while for you to notice. It is important for you to know how to boost your water pressure when it starts to fail. Today we want to show you some of the ways to boost your water pressure at home and enjoy the best showers this year. 

Install a booster pump 

The first thing you can do if the water pressure in your home simply isn’t up to standard is install a booster pump into the home. The Berkeley B3ZRM is a good example of this and will allow you to get more pressure through to your sink and shower to give you the best possible experience at home. These don’t have to be expensive and will make a positive impact on your home. 

Check for leaks 

One of the important things to do when you start noticing a change in water pressure is to check for leaks in your pipes where water may be escaping. This is something that can be a problem from a water pressure standpoint as well as for the structural integrity of your home is water starts to seep into the foundations. Be sure to be smart with how you fix cracks and get a professional in for the bigger jobs to ensure they are done safely. 

Ensure no freezing 

In winter it is very common for our water pipes to become frozen due to low temperatures. To ensure that this doesn’t happen to you it is a good idea to get some pipe insulation and wrap your water pipes up during the cold season to keep water flowing effortlessly even in the intense cold. The last thing you want in winter is to not be able to warm the house up due to frozen pipes! 

Unclog the drains 

If you have low water pressure sometimes it can be due to the incoming pipes of the home being clogged. Over the years bits of mould and other material can clog up your pipes and stop water from flowing properly and this is why a clean now and again is important. Be sure to wear a face mask and gloves while doing this because it can be smelly and the spores can be dangerous if you inhale them. 

Open the valve 

One of the easy solutions to low water pressure might be to open the valve more. It could be that the last time you did a project you didn’t open the valve fully and this might be causing less than optimal water pressure. It is a simple fix and will get you on your way.

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