Transforming Your Loft This January

Now that Christmas is over, many of us have spent part of the last week clearing away the decorations and getting ready to put them back in the loft until next year. But before you do, consider how you could transform your loft this month to create a storage space that functions more like a room of your home

Most of us go up into the loft are greeted by beams on the floor and on the roof – with no real surfaces or cupboards to use. These dusty old rooms are often avoided other than when absolutely necessary and it means many of us have never even seen our own loft of our partner or parents take on this chore. 

The loft has the potential to be a room in your home like any other, and today we want to talk about how you can convert this into a space that is practical for yourself and your family. 

Get rid of pests 

The first thing you want to do in the loft is to call pest control to get rid of wasps or bats or any other pests that may be living here. Because the loft is never visited and is often dark it provides the perfect living space for many pests. You can get a pest control company to come in and do a sweep and get rid of any infestations so that you can start building your perfect storage room from the ground up. 

Plaster the ceiling 

Instead of looking up to see the random cushioning of your roof insulation peeking down between beams – wouldn’t it be nice to look up and instead see a plastered ceiling painted white? Take the time this month while at home to plasterboard the ceiling and add a fresh lick of paint to make it secure and bright. Also, take the opportunity to install some LED spotlights that allow you to see every part of the room. 

Paint the walls 

If you have proper walls, it is time to cover them in a lick of white or bright paint to lighten up space and provide you with the perfect blank canvas to build upon. By having a ceiling and walls your loft will instantly feel like part of the home and you won’t be as put off by the idea of coming up here now and again to look for your possessions. 

Lay a wooden floor 

It is important when renovating your loft for better practicality that you lay a proper floor. Most lists start out with beams and you need to board it out in order for it to be safe to walk on without falling through the ceiling of your bedroom below. Be sure to lay a thick and sturdy wooden floor here to provide stability as well as style to the room. 

Build some stairs 

Access is a big issue when it comes to the loft and many of us are put off going into the loft simply because we have to climb ladders. Consider installing a small staircase and a proper door to your loft this year and see what a huge difference it makes to everyone in the house. When looking for an item or putting away decorations it is much easier to carry it upstairs than up a ladder!

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