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Interior Design Tips for a Natural Atmosphere

Modern city houses often lack that cozy and warm feeling that countryside cottages do. And it’s not too difficult to see: there’s a distinct lack of ‘natural’ feel to it. And if you’re one to enjoy the natural and organic feeling of the countryside, you’d want that in your home too. Below are some ways you can create a natural atmosphere for your home.

Let More Light In

One reason a room feels stuffy and claustrophobic is the lack of natural light coming in. Letting in natural light can improve the overall mood of a room. Some benefits include having lesser eye strain, improved sleep, and of course, a lower electricity bill.

It’s ideal to have some natural light to add a relaxing effect, especially in areas of your house where you want to relax. Sunlight makes a room feel larger and comforting, making it ideal in lounge areas like your living room or dining area.

Have Indoor Plants

Of course, if you want a more natural atmosphere to your house, having a bit of nature indoors is a no-brainer. Even if you do not necessarily have a green thumb, keeping indoor plants can give you a slice of nature around the house. Many plants are good for those who do not have the time or confidence to give them much attention. If you do get into plant keeping as a hobby, it’s quite easy to do as well.

Make Sure You Have Good Ventilation

Single-room condominiums and apartments are often described negatively: they feel like a prison, and being in one ‘cages’ you. A truly natural atmosphere is where you can feel free and liberated, and interestingly enough, having good ventilation can do just that for you. Stuffy apartments often lack the correct design to facilitate better airflow, and many people aren’t particularly savvy in optimizing ventilation either. Even if you live in a single-bedroom unit, you don’t have to suffer. With the proper placement of fans in the right location, you can create a wind pass-through so that you don’t feel like you’re choking in your own home.

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Go for Earthy Colors

In simplest terms, earthy colors contain hints of brown or green. While that doesn’t exactly sound all too exciting, that lack of excitement is what makes them natural and relaxing. Utilize earthy colors in rooms where you want to focus and relax, like a home office or lounge. You can also use them on items such as bathroom doors or curtains to make your baths more relaxing and give you that outdoor vibes. They also work well in your bedroom, or if you don’t have an outdoor dining area. Using them in your dining room can work, too.

Get Wood Furniture

Nothing shouts natural more than wood, and fortunately, wood furniture is always in trend. Regardless of how affordable or accessible plastic or faux wood furniture can be, nothing beats the real thing. And you don’t have to be over the top about it. You can simply opt for wood furniture when it comes to furniture that matters: a good and wide dining table or a desk that makes you want to focus on your work.

Rocks Can Be Decoration, Too

Landscaping does not only mean greens and shrubbery all around. Think of oriental designs such as the Zen style of Japan, where they use sand, pebbles, or rock to decorate their yards. You can even sneak in a little fountain in there or a misting machine for effects. In the end, you choose the look and the feel you want for your home. A good landscape design utilizes not only flowers and greenery but also rougher, earthier elements that can bring up your nature-inspired home.

Open up Your Space

Having too much furniture and items out in the open can make even the largest rooms cluttered. And putting too many dividers and walls in an otherwise wide room can make it feel stifling. For a natural feel, you want a good walk space where you can see a room from end to end, similar to seeing the horizon when going to the beach. Consider opening up your room, putting bigger furniture to the side, and making sure that there’s an adequate amount of free space in the middle of the room. This makes your home feel more open and more accessible and allows you to move around comfortably too.

No matter what design elements you choose, just make sure that you are doing it to make your house feel more natural. Trying too many designs in your house can be counterintuitive, making it look like a showroom instead of a place for you to rest. You can’t exactly replicate a countryside cottage, but that shouldn’t stop you from making your home a relaxing place to be in.

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