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House Expansions That Are Worth the Price

Many families decide on a small house at first. This starter home is often the best choice with limited funds. But eventually, you may decide on expanding your home a bit. Several home additions can be worth the investment. If you want to be sure that you aren’t wasting your money, here are some ways to expand your home without regrets later.

A Second Floor

The most extensive expansion a home can have is to have an entire second floor built. That is a major move and can be very expensive. It also requires some long-term planning. If you want a second floor, then you will have to decide on how to do it.

The most disruptive is to tear the roof off and build from there. The walls would require some reinforcing so that they can support more weight, but you’ll have an entire floor ready for occupancy. You can also choose to do it slowly. For example, you can build a second floor above an existing room and expand from there.

A Garage

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If you park your car outside, then it is constantly exposed to the elements. Protecting it should be a high priority. The best way to do so is by building a garage for it. The biggest obstacle faced by this expansion is the needed space. You need to have enough space to accommodate your car and maybe additional items.

There are also several components to consider. First, you’ll want solid floors so that you can work on your car without worrying about damaging them. Vinyl floors are usually the preferred choice. You’ll also need to choose among available garage doors which would be best for your garage. You should choose something that will be able to stand against the elements. Your garage should also have some space for the various tools to repair and maintain your car.

Additional Rooms

There are also a couple of room additions that could benefit your house. The obvious one is to add a guest room. This is nice if you expect to get guests regularly or have a child who will soon be old enough to deserve a room of their own. But there are also additional room types. For example, adding a second bathroom to a home can be very useful for larger families. It would greatly reduce the waiting time for baths and other functions.

Yard Expansion

It is not just interior expansions that you can do. You can also expand outward and make your backyard a great place to relax. For example, building a patio can be a great move. It gives you a place to lay back and enjoy the quiet. It can also be a nice gathering place. The important thing is to use your backyard for more than fun games for children. Besides a patio, additions like sheds, fire pits, and more ensure that the yard is an important part of the home.

Attic Conversion

House expansions are not always full construction projects. Sometimes, it is smart reclamation of space. A lot of homes have attics. They are usually for the storage of various objects. But you can expand your home upward without any worries. Clean up the attic and do some renovations. Instead of a dingy room, potential renters will see a well-appointed room for a bachelor. Even if you don’t invite renters, it can be the ideal place for a child to set up rooms.

An Enjoyable Basement Area

Another direction to expand would be downwards. Converting your basement into space, you can use beyond storage is a good idea. The favored choice is to make it a recreational room. Separate the furnace and other unsightly appliances in the basement with a wall, and you can have space to work with. Give everything a makeover, and you can have a comfortable space to relax. A TV and a gaming console are the bare minimum you need for entertainment, but you can get fancy and have a poker table or something similar brought down.

Expanding a house is a major project. It will be expensive and can cause a lot of discomfort and inconvenience as workers tramp around your home. You may even have to move out for some time so that you don’t get in the way. But the discomfort and expense can be worth it. An improved and expanded home can be an excellent thing for your growing and developing family. It also adds a lot of value to your house. Decide on which expansions will work in your home so that you can plan for the future.

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