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The New Normal in Interior Design: Influences of the Pandemic

To be clear, this isn’t the first pandemic to have left its mark on the homes of people. There have been outbreaks of diseases like typhoid and cholera, which have influenced the way people design their homes. COVID-19 only serves as the latest pandemic and the first of this modern age to influence modern design.

Yesterday’s typhoid- or cholera-influenced design is today’s standard in creating home spaces. Most of today’s design found its way from 19th century London and even the early 20th century. From the fabric to the fixtures on walls, there are many changes that earlier pandemics have influenced. In a few years forward, people will also begin to see the influence brought about by the COVID-19 situation.

So what will post-pandemic home designs look like? We take a look at some early designs that have been emerging and see how they’ll influence home builds moving forward.

Creating adequate spaces

Time and again, people have been adhering to the COVID-19 protocols of social distancing and sheltering-in-place. It seems that has also made its way to the homes, with interior design mirroring this.

The new designs expected to sprout after the pandemic will feature well-spaced homes, with room enough for air to pass through. It’s expected to provide spaces for home offices, as remote work is not going away any time soon after companies may have seen their worth.

Space design may also incorporate the type of work a person does. It will be important for designs to showcase something that can easily be personalized. As for colors, it’s important to provide a mix of dramatic and wood accents, especially for those who work with numbers and documents for a living.

Incorporating natural-looking elements

Since work from home has become a matter of longevity—no one knows just how long remote work will be, while for others, it may already be a choice—natural accents are good additions to the home office space. It provides a “fresh” perspective from the tiring activity of everyday work.

Aside from that, elements from nature tend to give people a sense of serenity and peace. Placing potted plants in your work area and some spaces of the home can help you find relaxation further.

As for any accent, the color green is cooling to the eyes. If you plan on placing a home air conditioning or heating unit, this could lead to a cooler feeling in the room.

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Bringing back some nostalgia

This pandemic has people yearning for a return to simpler ways and the time before. This is also expected to influence designs to lean towards a nostalgic flair for the home. A growing number of designers and retailers, as well, have been seen making design decisions toward this.

It might also be because more people are spending time at home. That has led to them finding that they like this slower pace than the hurried frenzy of the pre-pandemic work week. It could lend to people looking for a slower kind of approach, even in design, which explains the nostalgic appearance of designs.

Furnishings that envelop instead of push away

Corners are expected to become more rounded rather than sharp for furniture, according to designers. These could also be curvilinear to introduce a kind of “enveloping” vibe to the home. This translates to people looking for that feeling of comfort, like a hug from an old friend or close colleague.

Furniture choices will also lean to padded, warm, and upholstered items. The sofa is of particular importance. It should be comfy enough for relaxation, while it also lends a kind of freedom to do anything a person so desires.

Lighting—its importance

Since more and more people are spending time at home, it’s also important to be well-lit during the day. It lends to an aura of staying outdoors and bathing in the sun. This is due to people yearning to get back out again or get some sun without having to go outdoors due to fear of the virus.

Some of these may come from artificial fixtures. More and more of these are designed to mimic natural light. They can also lend character to any room, be it for relaxation or focus.

From lighting to furniture, the home is becoming a matter of focus for people once again. There’s no telling when this pandemic will end, although vaccines have begun to arrive. So many are taking this time to improve the place that they are stuck in. The home will feature designs that have been inspired by this period.

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