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Knowing Your School’s Points for Improvement

The school is more than just a place for learning. It is a community that is not only for the students but also for teachers and parents. With that, the school should be continually evolving. It should be reinvented so that it will easily take care of the needs of the students. You have to make sure that the school’s improvements are designed to accommodate the needs of the parents and teachers. But before you come up with strategies, you have to know first the points and aspects that you have to address. This may sound like hard work, and it is going to be. After all, you are dealing with the improvement of a community.

Thankfully, there are some ways that you can use to streamline the entire process. This is going to be about data gathering, so your technique should be easy to execute. It should yield the right amount of data and responses. Regardless, here are some of the things to keep in mind.

Conduct a survey

Since it is the community that will benefit from the improvements, it only makes sense that you get information firsthand from the students. While it may be difficult actually to talk to each of the students, you can always conduct a survey, with an acceptable sample size. Include in the survey Yes-Or-No questions, which are all about the school facilities (whether it needs

outdoor canopies for students or not), teaching methods of teachers, and scheduling activities. Tally all the responses, and from there, you can determine the changes that the school needs.

Talk to the parents

Remember, the school is a community. With that, parents are also involved in growing and improving the said community. So what you should do as soon as possible is talk to the parents. You can even conduct a survey, but it is recommended that you speak with them. You can ask them about their observations on the school. Ask them about the potential changes they want to see. Ask them how they will make the place a better one for their kids.

Talk to the board

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Once you have gathered the data from the students and parents, you can come up with a list of comprehensive recommendations. Present these to your fellow teachers and the school directors. If your strategy receives praises, there is an excellent chance that your project will be undertaken, which means the kids will have a much better place to study in. Come up with a killer presentation deck.

Have a third party inspector, if necessary

Sometimes, your biases may be clouding your judgment. If you want to see the problems and you want t address them as soon as possible, it is advisable that you work with a third party inspector. That way, you know that biases will not muddy your judgment.

No one wants to admit the school’s weak points, as some teachers and school administrators are afraid that the reputation will be tarnished. But knowing the school’s weak points is the only way to identify the methods and techniques that will make improving the establishment possible.

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