10-Step Guide to Constructing a Wooden Pallet Fence

When people think of a successful life, you’d be surprised how many people don’t think of sports cars and billion-dollar mansions. Some people have simpler goals in life, including finding the right partner to settle down with, raising their own family, and moving to a safe neighborhood with a cozy house with a white picket fence.

But for a dream to become a reality, you’ll have to start working to reach your goals. And while we can’t help you find the first two, we can help you achieve a safer home with a beautiful outdoor aesthetic with less costs by installing a white pallet fence that looks just as good as a picket fence. Here’s how you can do it.


What Is a Pallet Fence?

First of all, let’s differentiate a picket fence from a fence made from pallets. A pallet is a stable wooden platform of various sizes used to transport large amounts of goods with the help of a forklift. Its sizes vary according to the goods it carries or how it was made, and its quality depends on the type of wood and the workmanship provided to create it.

When broken, damaged, or discarded for a different type of pallet, some wooden pallets can still be recycled. The ones beyond repair may be stripped down to its basic wooden form and then processed into recycled wood. But pallets that are in good condition (you can buy these online or, for affordable second-hand ones, in warehouses that would otherwise just throw these away) can still be used to make fences.

The size would have to depend on the size of the pallet. Different sized pallets with different colors can be used to create a rustic, homemade look, but if you want it to look like a picket fence (which are normally uniform), you’ll want to acquire evenly-sized pickets and a lot of white paint, depending on how big your yard’s perimeter or garden is.

What Materials Do You Need?

Once you’ve acquired the pallets you’ll be working with, to make your own DIY wooden pallet fence, you’ll need the following tools and materials:

  • Reciprocating saw with wood blades (or a multipurpose saw)
  • Crowbar, hammer, screwdriver, mallet
  • Four-inch nails
  • Tape measure, marking tools
  • White paint (or if you don’t want a white fence, any color you want. You can opt to not paint your wood, but apply a layer of varnish to protect your wood from decaying easily from external )
  • Wooden stakes
  • Safety equipment: safety glasses, ear plugs, dust mask, gloves

Step 1: Locate Your Pallets

Pallet fences can be roughly the size of picket fences (or higher, if you want your privacy from nosy neighbors). That means finding the right pallet size. You can find some online, in hardware stores, or specialty stores.

The most affordable way of finding a second-hand pallet is to check supermarkets, warehouses, and other industrial placesor commercial locations where they’re likely to have use for pallets. Chances are, they have wooden pallets they plan on disposing because of slight damage that make it dangerous to carry heavy loads but are still good to use and turn into fences.

Check out lumber firms as they might have some pallets or even some wooden pieces you can use to make your pallet fence. You might even find some pallets abandoned on the road, ready for you to take for free.

This may be the hardest part of making your pallet fence, but once you find your source, all you’ll need are basic woodworking skills.

Step 2: Remove Nails or Staples from One Slat

Some pallets are constructed using nails, while others are combined with sturdy staples. If you can locate pallets with staples, this step will certainly be a lot easier.

Remove slats (the vertical wooden pieces that make up the pallet) depending on how much space you want in between the slats to create your fence. If you want thin spaces between the wood, you can opt not to remove any of the slats.

It will be relatively easier to remove slats with staples. With nails, you may need a crowbar, a hammer, or your saw to remove the nails. Make sure you are wearing protective gloves to prevent getting splinters.

Picket Fence Theme

Step 3: Create a Picket Fence Theme

Once you’ve removed the slat from your pallet, you’ll need to pick a pallet fence layout.It may vary according to your preference, but to get a pallet fence height, measure 30″ by 32″ on your pallet, much longer if you want a taller pallet fence.

Normally, you could simply determine every one of your pallets at the same length as well as have a straight edge at the top of your fence. If you make a decision to do this, you can skip steps 2 & 3 and proceed to tip 4!

Step 4: Mark and Cut the Picket Style on the Pallet

Using your layout, trace the edge into all the slats on your pallet, making sure the design template matches with the slats you are cutting. Next, use your saw to cut along the lines. Be careful when using your saw and make sure you’re wearing the appropriate safety gear.

Step 5: Eliminate Support

Take your saw and cut away as much of the wood behind of your pallet as you can, leaving the two parts of your pallet holding every one of your slats with each other.

Pallet Fence

Step 6: Look at Your Awesome Perk Garden Boundary Pallet Fence

The awesome aspect of this project is that the section of the pallet you removed from step 4 can be recycled. If you have a garden and want the rest of it to match the pallet fence surrounding it, try using the excess wood as a small boundary line for your garden or blossom bed.

Step 7: Drive Pallet Fence Stakes into the Ground

Using a mallet or any other similar tool, drive your stakes to the ground. These will serve as the stable support for each of the pallets. Some hardware stores have these pre-made for fencing. If you are making them yourself, make sure to reduce each side of your stake the same size. If you do not, the stake will incrementally roam to the longer side each time you own it right into the ground.

Step 8: Affix Fence to Stake

Everyone has a various idea of how they want their fence to look. Since you have all the materials, you simply need to drive your risks, as well as attach your brand-new fence (making use of nails or screws).

Attempt to maintain your fence about 2-3 inches off the ground to stop it from absorbing all the ground water, and rotting away. If you do that, as well as placed some type of protection (stain, paint) over it, this fence should last you for several years (relying on the climate).

As constantly, make this job your own. You can make use of various designs instead of the typical “picket fence” look, discolor your fence, or simply opt for the traditional white paint. Because DIY pallet fencing provides you with plenty of options, you can also choose to create a customized fence for the holidays or for other purposes.

Amazing DIY Pallet Fences You Can Make Around Your House

Halloween Pallet Fence

Right here’s one more fast tutorial that will with any luck influence you to get out as well as make some Halloween props/decorations for you own residence haunt. This tutorial will reveal you how you can make a pretty neat Halloween fence on a spending plan. Additionally, it is rather darn easy to earn.

I in fact made this fence one week after Halloween in 2010. It so took place that I ended up with some leisure time on my hands that I really did not have prior to the vacation. Yet hey, it’s never ever too early to begin a Halloween project anyhow. So, I’ve taken some pics of the fence and I will attempt to explain the process as finest I can. Yet actually, it undoubtedly can be made to your very own specs, I’m mostly sharing the idea and the products utilized.

What you will need to make Halloween Fence

-6 foot fence pickets (they are generally 5 1/2 inches broad and are around $1.50 each. One board will certainly make 2 6 foot areas of fence.).

– A bunch of pallets (The quantity of pallets required depends upon the size of the area you wish to cover and how you space the pickets made from the pallets).

– Screws (you desire them to be enough time to go through the pallet board as well as into the support board).

– Brown as well as gray paint (examine your local hardware/home enhancement shop for “oops” paint. You could often obtain a gallon for $5 approximately).

– Lastly, you will require 2 foot and/or 3 foot rebar and some black zip ties. This is just what will certainly hold your fence up.


– Tape measure.

– table saw or circular saw.

– Tools to uncouple the pallets (hammer, small crowbar, saw, and so on).

– Screwdriver (preferably a power screwdriver).

– File/dremel/hacksaw or whatever you want to utilize, if required, to obtain eliminate the suggestions of the screws if they happen to stick out of the opposite of the fence).

– Paint sprayer (optional, however EXTREMELY useful).

Pallet Chicken Fence

If you have some additional space along with your residence as well as yard. You could make some residences for animals and also you could make some fence for poultry ducks and also other birds and animals. Birds residences as well as animals houses making in your home is fairly excellent hobby. Because you can invest your leisure time with birds as well as pet dogs. So we have a lovely plan for your birds you could make a wood pallet fence for chicken. You could use rustic and reclaimed pallet timber in these tasks.

Here a beautiful pallet hen home is produced chicks and chicken some individuals have a terrific rate of interest in chicken farming they wish to make a little chicken farm in your home because it’s a good activity absolutely free time you could get eggs and also chicken for cooking in your home.

You can make a fence with wooden pallets for hen and also cooks. This is an excellent fun with these jobs and also make you hectic when you totally free. So having animals and birds in your house is a great task.

You can see a gorgeous duck inside the beautiful pallet fence as we chat prior to you should make a fence for chicks and also ducks these are really beautiful birds. Specifically ducks are looking so good when they stroll and also turn in line.

DIY Pallet Dog Fence Suggestions.

It depends on you how much gain from wooden pallet. You could make as possible as things with wood pallet as feasible places where you want to place this to fulfill your needs. You could get a lot more gain from wooden pallet. You can utilize this for office garden cooking area bedroom sitting area you have several means and many areas for wood pallet. If you have an animal and you wish to make a minimal location or limit for your canine you can make a do-it-yourself pallet canine fence for you dog. This benefits you and your family pet making an outdoors location with a shelter for your pet dog since pets resemble to stay in open area not in spaces and also closed location normally you could lay out more pets in diy pallet fence for pets.

Dog fence concept is best for those that have pets in the house. As you could see in above photo an attractive fence with 2 dog residence a defined area in your garden for canines. Having an animal is an expansible job because you need a lot deal with your pet dog for living location but you can make these with wood pallet in really cost-effective spending plan.

As you see a bulldog with do it yourself wooden pallet fence. If you have this sort of animal you require must a pallet pet dog fence due to the fact that you could never ever rely upon family pet might be they produce an issue for anybody you should have a bounded location for this.

Pallet Fence for Pig

The best ways to Build a Pallet Fence for Pig

The border pallet fence is just an added degree of protection. Most of the moment the pigs will certainly be had in smaller electrical cord stories, within the bigger pallet fenced area. This is to make sure that they do not damage the fence using it as a scraping message or attempt to dig under it.


– Cheap!

– Easy/Quick to construct.

– Recycled (Low symbolized energy).

– Can be quickly moved/reconfigured.

– Sturdy (You could do parkour on it).


– Not as long lasting as steel.

– Will get damaged by pigs if not protected by electrical fence.

– As well reduced to omit deer.

– Wont omit little rodents like bunnies as well as computer mice.

– Not as visually appealing as store purchased fencing.

– Many journeys to community to transport adequate pallets.


– Pallets (long as well as short).

– 3 or 4 inch deck screws (outside grade)

The number of pallets do you need for 100 feet of fence?

Well, it depends! Although there are some pallet criteria, you will probably discover various shapes and sizes. Your best choice for regular dimensions is to discover one resource of pallets in town where you can access them easily, where they have them in large quantity, and all of the exact same style/size. If you’re using the 40×48 inch pallets it would certainly take about 44 pallets to earn a 100ft fence. However, if you can acquire some of the longer 8 or 10ft pallets, after that you’ll require much fewer.

Simply remember, you simply constructed a fence, as well as for primarily absolutely nothing. If I were you, I‘d be really feeling respectable now.

Spruce up your pallet fence with flowers and also natural herbs in small pots and also suspend them in the areas in between boards! This is an excellent means to bring some variety to your fence as well as add some more expanding room to your garden.

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