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Five Ways to Ensure Your Home is Protected From Hurricanes

Hurricanes are a reality in the United States. They can cause a lot of damage to homes and businesses. Estimated that among the countless storms that form outside the country, six of them have the potential to turn into hurricanes. These hurricanes can cause billions in damage. But unfortunately, they can also cause fatalities and injuries in the country.

The first step in reducing the fatalities, injuries, and costs of these hurricanes is by knowing how you can protect your home from them. Here are some known ways to protect your home from hurricanes.

Have Exterior Walls

Hurricanes come with extreme winds. To combat these winds, you will need a robust concrete wall. These walls provide an outer shell for your home that can withstand the hurricane’s force. The walls should be at least six inches thick and reinforced concrete.

If the wall isn’t concrete, it should be brick or stone. Any other material can result in the wall collapsing on your home.

Additionally, you should keep these walls maintained. Depreciation of these walls can lead to them being cracked or chipped. These minor damages can quickly turn into large ones that can cause the wall to collapse during a hurricane. Be sure to inspect your exterior walls for any signs of damage regularly.

Once you find the damage, you can repair it by patching it up with new concrete or replacing the damaged bricks or stones.

Storm-resistant Doors and Windows

Another way to protect your home from hurricanes is by having impact-resistant doors and windows. These are made with either hurricane glass or impact-resistant film. The former is a type of glass that doesn’t break easily. It’s also thicker than regular glass, which makes it more resistant to flying debris. The latter is a transparent film that’s applied to standard glass. It helps to reinforce the glass and make it more resistant to breaking.

Both options will help protect your home from wind and flying debris during a hurricane. They’ll also help to keep your home feeling comfortable as the storm rages on outside.

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Have a Strong Roof

Your roof is one of the essential parts of your home regarding hurricanes. Unfortunately, the winds from these storms can easily peel off roofs made of weak materials. To prevent this, you should ensure that your roof is made of rigid materials. These include asphalt, slate, tile, and metal.

You should also make sure that your roof is installed correctly. This means it’s fastened securely to your home’s walls and rafters. The high winds can easily tear it off your home if it isn’t.

Additionally, you should clean your gutters. Your gutters play an essential role in protecting your home from hurricanes. They help redirect water away from your home, reducing the amount of water damage caused by the storm. They can also help prevent your roof from peeling off by the high winds.

Another way to ensure that your roof can withstand a hurricane is by regularly inspecting and maintaining it. It will help to identify any damage early on so that you can repair it before the hurricane season starts.

If you don’t think You can do repairs before a hurricane hits, you can fasten a tarp to your roof. It will help to hold it in place and prevent any further damage.

Build a Safe Room

A safe room is a sturdy, well-built room in your home designed to withstand high winds and flying debris. These rooms are typically made of concrete, brick, or stone. They should also have storm-resistant doors and windows.

You should choose the right location for your safe room. It’s good to have a safe room where everyone in your family can quickly get to. It should also be far away from any windows.

Stock these rooms with supplies, such as food, water, and first-aid kits. They also typically have a way to communicate with the outside world in case you’re cut off from it during the storm.

Safe rooms provide a place for you and your family to go during a hurricane. They can help to protect you from the storm while you wait it out.

Have a Generator

Hurricanes often lead to power outages. To combat this, you should have a generator for your home. It will give you the power to keep your essentials running during the storm.

You can use your generator to power your fridge, lights, and other appliances. However, you should also have a backup supply of fuel for it in case you’re without power for an extended period. The average cost of a backup generator is $5,000.

By following these five steps, you can ensure that your home is protected from hurricanes. In addition, it will help reduce the damage these storms can cause to your home and keep you safe during them.

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