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Safety Gear 101: Categories of Construction Hard Hats

Construction is arguably one of the strongest industries across the globe. While the profits in this sector are undoubtedly high, your profits might dip drastically because of lawsuits from personal injury cases. Your construction site is full of hazards that, if not mitigated, can result in deadly injuries. You would not want your company associated with personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits.

Durable safety gumboots, coveralls, hats, goggles, gloves and earmuffs are among the essential personal protective equipment (PPE) for construction sites. While many people take great care to pick PPE suited for the construction sector, others do not think much of hard hats. The use of hard hats is almost exclusive to the construction sector, so people assume that any hard hat will suffice. Even so, there are different categories of hard hats available, and they should be used in various sections of your site. Here are guidelines on your hard hat options:

Class E

Class E hard hats are designed to protect a wearer when exposed to high voltage conductors. They provide dielectric protection from voltages of up to 20,000 volts. This voltage protection amount doesn’t cover the whole body but rather only the head. Class E helmets will also protect people on your site from falling and flying objects.

Class G

Class G hats are the standard hard hats available on the market. On construction sites, class G hard hats are suitable for general use. They offer some protection from electric shocks but will only protect against maximum voltage ratings of 2,200 volts. The primary purpose of class G helmets is to protect construction site personnel against impact risks.

Class C

Though Class C hard hats will not give a wearer any protection when exposed to electrical hazards, these are the best choice when protecting people’s heads from the impact caused by falling objects. Also, most manufacturers include vents in class C hard hats to keep users cool and comfortable. As such, they are among the most preferred options for construction personnel working in hot and humid environments.

Type I

hard hats

Hard hats in this category are meant explicitly for the protection of people from falling objects. They are generally used in multi-storey buildings that pose a significant hazard from falling objects. Type I hard hats have brims encircling their entire lengths.

Type II

Type II hats have short brims around the front edges, protecting users from injuries caused by objects and blows from the top and sides. Type II hard hats come with a thick high-density suspension and foam for extra protection against impact.

When shopping for hard hats, it is essential to have some information to guide your choices. Safe Work Australia offers best practices for construction work to ensure workers’ safety. It is crucial to evaluate these recommendations before you start shopping for PPE for your construction team.

With the proper choice of PPE, including hard hats, and implementation of safety programs, you can reduce the risks on site. You get to protect your most valuable asset — your workers.

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