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Sprucing Up Your Condo: Top Interior Designing Pointers

With many people going to cities, condos are becoming popular living quarters for many. However, since condos are smaller than your typical single-family home, decorating them can be challenging since there’s less space. But it is possible!

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Here are some interior designing tips for a more stylish and functional condominium unit.

Add Plants

There’s a high probability that your condo in the city has little to no access to trees, plants, or any form of nature as a whole. That’s why a popular interior design trend in city condos is incorporating indoor plants and patio plants—helping people bring a bit of vibrancy in their units. However, if you’re not keen on taking care of plants, you can opt for succulents and other plants that aren’t high maintenance.

Invest in Drapes

Using new drapes can make your humble unit stand out. There are numerous styles and drape patterns you can explore, ranging from embroidered to eclectic. There’s something for all tastes. However, if you’re looking for a practical choice, dark-colored drapes may block sunlight when needed while adding a stylish look to your space.

Incorporate Art

Adding artwork to your condo is a fun way to spice up your interiors. Plus, you’re likely to hang at least one piece of artwork in your unit. Find a wall with enough space to display your favorite art pieces, arrange accordingly, and find the best layout possible. You may also want to custom frame these artwork pieces to add a personal touch to them.

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Add Furniture Accessories

Adding accessories can step up your condo’s style. For instance, adding large wall mirrors can make and feel your condo to be bigger than it actually is, especially when placed in an area with good natural light. Plus, they add a look of sophistication to any room. Mounting a flat-screen TV on top of a fireplace or a bare wall is also a great way to add style and functionality to your area while saving you space.


A simple yet powerful design element in a home is the paint job, and it can help broaden the space of a condo. The paint color of your unit will depend on your specific preferences. However, soft and vibrant colors generally exude a ‘warm feeling,’ so if you’re after that, go for pastel shades. Meanwhile, if you’re looking to make your condo look and feel more spacious, adding vertical stripes can give off the impression of a taller ceiling.


If you’re not allowed to paint your unit, your next best alternative is adding wallpapers. Adding wallpapers as an accent also works, helping you a touch of extravagance in your humble space. You can do an accent wall in the living room behind your couch to emphasize that particular area’s focal point. If you have a hallway, you can also try adding wallpapers there, serving as a great place to experiment with fun styles.

Floating Shelves for Stylish Storage Space

A home decor trend that’s been around for a while and is still going strong is floating shelves, and they’re great for a condo unit. Floating shelves are perfect for smaller spaces as they take up less room while adding more storage space that’s sleek and contemporary—making your condo functional and stylish. You can add these in the kitchen or living room for optimal use.

Condo interiors can come in different shapes and styles. Whether your space is bare or decked out, adding any of the interior design ideas mentioned can help you pull together an aesthetically pleasing look, making your unit look gorgeous and functional.

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