The Surprising Advantages Of Avoiding Wood Interiors

Homeowners prefer to invest in wood over synthetic materials, such as plastic. Wood furniture, structure, and architecture has a unique appeal that can elevate your interior decor. Therefore, many believe that plastic would be a controversial and inelegant choice. 

But, it is important to mention that non-wood materials could bring your interior together in ways that would not be achievable if you were to rely on natural components only. Indeed, depending on your needs and aspirations, you will find surprising advantages to avoiding wood. Here are some of the most commonly mentioned reasons why homeowners across the U.S. have decided to use artificial materials inside their decor. 

Broad choice of colors

If you prefer a bright and colorful interior style, wood may not be the best solution for your decor. Kitchen remodeling projects, for instance, favor vinyl wrapping services to upgrade a dull-looking cabinet. The choice of colors is much broader than what would be available for wood cabinet doors. 

Similarly, outdoor furniture enthusiasts also prefer to steer away from wood, choosing to create a plastic Adirondack chair ensemble instead of wooden or metal kits. Plastic is more durable, which will make maintenance easy and cost-effective. Additionally, colored plastic is more durable than painted or varnished wood. A wooden chair could fade in the sun more rapidly than a UV-treated plastic set. 

Hyper-realistic textures without the hassle

Hardwood floors make a dramatic impression in the room. However, it can be tricky to maintain. Wood flooring is likely to get scratched and receive marks from sturdy or heavy furniture, heels, and even pet’s claws. On the other hand, high-quality vinyl floors could be made to look like wood or marble, without any of the problems of a real hard floor solution. It is easy to clean as you can safely wipe it with regular washing products. More importantly, homeowners who decorate on a budget prefer vinyl flooring, which is a cost-effective solution that packs a lot of original and realistic patterns. 

Wood isn’t suitable for all applications

Individuals who struggle with severe allergies have often explained that some synthetic materials can offer a safe and manageable solution to interior decor. Wood can be hard to sanitize, which can make it a welcoming terrain for mold growth and bacterial spread, due to its irregular surface. On the other hand, plastic is used in medical facilities, where it is preferred for its hygienic properties. 

Additionally, engineering has been replacing wood components with plastic to promote long-term savings and durability. Even if you prefer to use wood in your decor, plastic will still play a significant role in your home, as it has many applications in construction. 

Easily replaceable and fixable

The popularity of 3D printers has brought a revival for plastic furniture and items. Indeed, homeowners have found that they can easily fix broken parts by printing out a replacement piece. It isn’t something you can do for wooden items, which often require professional woodworkers to manage all repair projects. 

There is no denying that a wooden interior is an environmentally-friendly choice that strengthens your bond with nature. However, there is room for synthetic material such as plastic inside your home. Affordability, easy maintenance, realistic textures, durability, and versatility make man-made materials valuable choices for your decor.

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