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Top Features To Put In Your New Kitchen

Let’s face it; after a day of work, cooking can be a real chore. Yet, one thing that can make this easier is a brand new kitchen packed with plenty of exciting features. You will feel buzzing to get home, or switch off your laptop and get whipping up something delicious for dinner. Whether you want more space to prepare meals for your family, a hub where you can all relax and dine in a more chilled out atmosphere than your dining room, or simply are looking for an upgrade; you will never regret a new kitchen. If you are feeling uninspired or looking for something to improve your home that is more interesting than a shelf for your recipe books to add to your new kitchen, we have put together some ideas. Here are some fab features to put in your new kitchen.

Smart storage 

Your kitchen is a space where you need plenty of storage. You need somewhere to keep everything rom your pots and pans to your herbs, jars, food, and recipe books that are both neat and tidy and easy to find. There is no use having a large, fabulous kitchen if you can never find anything. There are more smart storage options than ever, which makes it easy to organize your things. Utilize the skinny space between the fridge and the wall to store a pull out narrow shelf, or install a foldable side-prep station. There are many options out there, depending on the size and shape of your kitchen.

A large sink

There is nothing more annoying than a small sink that can only just fit one pan in. Invest in a large and deep sink as this can be used for all your washing up needs (particularly useful after a dinner party) as well as being a stylish focal point in the room. You can have a two-sided sink, which is useful for both putting dirty dishes ready to be cleaned and also washing your fruits and vegetables as you prepare your dinner. Be sure to invest in some smart-looking taps and measure your standard kitchen cabinet sizes to ensure the sink will fit where you want it to go.

A grow room for your herb

Fresh herbs and spices make such a difference to your dinner, so why not add a space in your kitchen where these can grow? In-kitchen grow rooms are the new version of wine-fridges and mean you can grow herbs all year round. This is particularly useful if you don’t have a garden or windowsill as you can still get growing your own. If you don’t have space for this (or don’t want it), find out about a shelf that you can put herb plants on so you don’t miss out.

These are just a few ideas that you can put into your kitchen to make for a more exciting space to cook in. By following these tips, you will love your new space and will have no more struggles trying to find your things. What features do you look for in a new kitchen?

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