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Fairy and Christmas Lights: Are They Safe If You Leave Then On?

Lights are probably one of the most important parts of our home or any workspace that we have. It would be practically impossible to move around in offices, malls, and in the streets, at night if there weren’t any lights to guide our way. But just like any electronic device out there, lights can become fire and safety hazards if they’re not maintained well.

Throughout most parts of the globe, there have been cases of Christmas lights, fairy lights, and other battery-operated lights catching fire from being left alone overnight for hours. But since lights are supposed to stay on for long hours to provide a necessary vision for individuals, most homeowners and establishments will need to keep them on.

Fairy lights are also used by various quirky and trendy cafes, bars, and restaurants that want to cater to a younger audience. Like any business establishment that revolves around serving customers, most businesses will be open for around 10–12 hours in a day, depending on the foot traffic.

In the span of that 10–12 hours, businesses will need to keep most of their indoor lights open, especially fairy lights, neon lights, and other types of lights to attract various customers and keep satisfaction up. With the festive season fast approaching, there’s bound to be even more lights being strewn on Christmas trees together with combustible materials.

But are these lights actually catch fire? What do the facts say about these lights? We’ll be taking a good look at how “safe” these lights are.

Can You Leave These Lights On All The Time?

The majority of individuals will usually say that battery-operated and non-battery fairy and Christmas lights are prone to fire hazards, but it’s not necessarily the case. Most of the time, these fires are caused by a variety of environmental factors.

Most of the time, these lights have an on and off switch usually on a battery box. There’s really no worries when you’re living these string of lights on all night. Although most experts would still say that if a high amount of heat emanates from these lights, it’s best to turn it off for a few minutes. Not only will this help extend battery life, but this can stop certain flammable materials from catching fire.

How Much Does It Cost To Leave Them Overnight?

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There’s bound to be some establishments that will leave most of their light on at night, but it’s known to be more costly than having them on all day. For instance, leaving around 40 LED lights on at the workplace is known for costing you around $180 annually, and that’s only for those sets of lights alone. So if you want to conserve energy, you might want to switch your lights off. Not only will this save you money, but this will also mitigate any chances of fires and accidents from happening.

Professional Assistance

It’s important not to go alone when dealing with electronic devices that can be potential physical and fire hazards. Most of the time, these hazards can cause fires in both the workplace and at home, especially when it’s close to combustible materials such as Christmas trees made out of real trees. Fortunately, electrical repair services can ensure that your LED lights won’t be a problem.

Having professionals working on potentially hazardous materials can help mitigate injuries and fires that could happen from mishandling such appliances.

Are These Lights Safe?

Contrary to what most people think, Christmas and fairy lights are safer than bulbs since they don’t burn brighter than their non-battery counterparts. Most would take caution in using this outside, especially during winter seasons and when it’s raining.

In fact, LED lights do not actually emit light from just a vacuum, which is usually what traditional bulb lights do. Since there’s air, heat can be easily distributed. Bulbs, on the other hand, could start a fire. Although LED lights might feel hotter to the touch, they are generally safer than light bulbs and will still produce a good amount of light.

The bottom line? Most battery-powered lights are known for totally safe. Most of these lighting can be left on for an extended period, making them a great addition to your home or business, especially if you really need a place lit for security reasons.

Oftentimes, children and individuals don’t want to walk through dark areas since they might get injured. Battery-operated lights are also great for individuals that are working graveyard shifts and want to stay awake.

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