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Top Tricks for That Awesome Industrial Look Inside Your Home

There’s something quite magnetic about the raw appeal of industrial interior design, which attracts a lot of homeowners to it. Perhaps, it’s the liberating feeling brought by the predominantly open layout or the mechanical and structural elements that are clearly exposed to the naked eyes. For others, it’s the simplicity of colors used, which are mostly neutral hues. Some homeowners, meanwhile, just fall in love with the extensive application of wood and metal in most industrial interior design setups.

Whatever a homeowner’s actual reason may be for choosing such an eclectic design theme, one thing is certain: industrial interior design is gaining traction and it’s here to stay. If you want to get this vibe for your own home, here are the best tricks to achieve it with ease:

Have some generous amount of pipes around.

One of the easiest ways of making interior spaces look like an industrial work floor is to install a lot of industrial pipes: on the ceilings, in the bathroom plumbing, in the kitchen. These pipes are, in reality, among the most versatile materials that you can use if you’re gunning for the industrial vibe since you can creatively use them as bookshelves, lighting fixtures, and even a lampshade. Just let your imagination run loose and you’ll be amazed at how many applications one can use them for.

Let those walls be bare.

On normal occasions, you won’t even entertain the thought of letting a concrete wall go unfinished or a brick wall perhaps. But if you’re after an industrial theme, then that’s just what you’re going to do. Keep in mind that this particular design style is not concerned with being elegant but with being as pure and raw as possible. The good thing about just leaving those concrete or brick walls bare is that you’re essentially getting big savings since you’re not spending anything to give the finishing touches.

Have those industrial shelves ready.

As mentioned, industrial piping is a great material to create shelves, which is why you should get a lot of them, as well as wood, if you want to install industrial shelves everywhere. You can have one in your kitchen, bathroom, study room, and even in your bedroom. If you have a mini library or a reading nook, then you have the perfect material for those books, magazines, and other reading materials of yours.

Consider using recycled metal beams and reclaimed wood.


If you want a knockout industrial look for your interiors, you should try going to a dump or junk shop nearby to try finding some discarded wood and metal beams. When put together, they make up for an interesting combination that will stand out for their raw beauty. They should cost you next to nothing as some dumpsite operators or junkshop owners would willingly give them away or sell them for an absolute steal of a price.

Expose those fine ductwork.

Another characteristic industrial design mainstay is the exposed ductwork. Just like industrial piping and metal beams, ductwork is very typical of a busy warehouse or factory, hence giving off that unmistakeable industrial vibe. Just make sure that your ductwork is done professionally since sloppy ductwork is not pleasing to look at.

Purchase a metal fireplace.

Buy one of those commercially available modern fireplaces made of metal and have it installed in your living room. Once installed, it will surely become a conversation piece in your property when you invite guests over with its striking beauty and raw appeal. There are plenty of low-cost metal fireplaces out there, so it should not cost you a fortune but make you feel like you’ve just struck gold with the benefits it could offer.

Consider industrial windows.

Ditch the idea of going for those fancy windows that one can see being used in posh residences and instead go for those industrial-type windows used in large factories and warehouses. They cost as much as fancy windows, but they are not shabby in the looks department. In fact, when complemented with a nice indoor setting, those industrial windows could look much better than their pricey cousins.

Pick furniture pieces and decors with neutral or earthy colors.

Your interiors should have decors and furniture items that do not scream but exude a no-nonsense, practical aura. This can be achieved by going for interior accents that have a neutral or earthy color such as beige, gray, brown, or black. If you feel like breaking the monochromatic industrial look, then pick your color wisely to avoid ruining the vibe that you’re after.

Which of these ones do you like best? Do you think an industrial look would work well in your home?

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