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Top Ways to Save on Energy Cost During the Summer Season

Climate change has forever changed the way we live. In the East Coast, people suffer from the polar vortex in winter. In Midwest and Australia, people experience some of the highest temperatures known to man. This year promises much of the same. The reality is that we have done this to ourselves. Our constant need to innovate has dried up natural resources, building fumes and emissions that affect our ozone layer. In the end, aren’t we all suffering? The high cost of our energy bills is evidence enough.

Tune up Your AC

Call a heating and air conditioning repair technician in Salt Lake City or other cities before the summer season gets here. The first thing you must do to prepare for the season is to make sure that your air-conditioning unit is in good working order. The last thing that you want to worry about is dying in the heat and realizing that your aircon has gone bonkers on you.

Not only will you be forced to have it repaired at a higher cost, but you might also feel the need to invest in a new one. Your desperation to be comfortable in your home again will force you to buy something that’s not part of your budget. Isn’t that a bummer?

Insulate Your Home

During the summer season, you want to keep the cold air in and the hot air out. Check cracks in your walls and around your windows. Check if your windows can be sealed properly. There are plenty of ways to insulate your home properly, one of which is to cover cracks with a plastic wrap, mold, or clay. But if you can, schedule for a professional energy audit. The technicians use infrared heat mapping to point out your home’s weak spots.

Block the Sun

window shutters

Although letting the sun in your house makes for a bright, spacious, and lively home, it has the opposite effect in summer. Your air-conditioning system will work harder to cool the room if you’re letting the heat from the sun in. You should consider investing in reflective shades, honeycomb blinds, and blackout drapes. These are the best window treatments to keep your home cool.

Use Fans

You can let your air conditioning linger at 73 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s comfortable enough when coupled with floor or ceiling fans. Just make sure that your fans are moving in a counterclockwise direction. Don’t leave the fans turned on when you leave the room because they might disperse the cool air from the AC.

Unplug Devices

People are so used to leaving their devices and appliances plugged in even when they are not in use. Unplug them. The Department of Energy says that they suck up electricity even if they’re not exactly turned on. You can save around $100 a year for unplugging your devices.

You shouldn’t only do these things during the summer season. Reducing energy costs should be a habit. It serves two purposes, after all. One, you’re helping lower your energy cost, thereby saving a boatload of money in a year. And two, you’re helping the environment.

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