Vamp Up Your Basement With These Fun Ideas

The basement is one of those rooms in the house which is all too often neglected and forgotten about when we look into changing and updating our home. When it comes to redecorating and making everything look fresh and new, the basement has a lot of potentials and there are some really great things you can do with it this year. Today we are going to take a look at the basement and some of the ways you can spruce it up and make it into a valued part of the home. 

Create a new bedroom 

The most obvious thing you can do if you want to convert the basement this year is to turn it into a bedroom. You can weigh up the cost of Builders and think about adding some light switches and plug sockets as well as a fluffy carpet and a big bed. Having an extra bedroom added to the home not only is better for guests, but it will automatically increase the value of your home which is an amazing thing. 

Build a gym 

One fun way to upgrade the basement as well as to give you some exercise motivation this year would be to turn it into a makeshift gym. You don’t need to have a whole myriad of different treadmills and cycling machines to make a good home gym, even if you only have some weights and a yoga mat this can still be a good place to keep fit and lean. Adding some motivational pictures on the wall and a TV to watch is ideal and you’ll be able to keep fit without paying for an expensive membership. 

Make an art studio 

If you are a creative soul and you often make artwork at home, a good idea could be to convert your basement into a fun art studio to use. This will be a handy way to lessen the risk of anyone in the house touching wet paintings, and it can be a good place for you to make some art in peace and quiet. You can add in some LED spotlights to keep the room bright, and you can have several easels around the room to hang up finished paintings which still need to dry. 

Install a games room 

For those of you who enjoy gaming or want to make a fun room for the whole family to enjoy together, a games room could be the best way to use the space in your basement. For example you can add in some gaming chairs and big screens for optimum multiplayer sessions, a mini-fridge for drinks and snacks, and if you have room for it you can even add in a pool table and have fun playing together after a long day at work. A games room can be awesome and it can include anything you want it to. 

Create a cosy den 

If you have kids and you want to give them a space where they can host friends and have sleepovers, you could convert the basement into a fun little den with a tv and games and a couple of sofa beds for them to use. This could be a great way to use the space in your home and your kids will love you for making it.

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