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What Flooring Material You Should Use?

There are many different kinds of materials for your home’s flooring that you can choose when building your house or renovating it. The choices depend on your criteria like durability and aesthetic appea, as well as the climate and location of your structure. When you intend to use cement or concrete for your flooring and sue other materials as well, you need to consider concrete slab moisture mitigation and tile floor leveling. Here are the most common types of materials you can use over your concrete sub-flooring.

Hardwood Flooring

This is the most natural type of flooring you can get. It’s from a piece of hardwood from a tree like cherry or walnut. The planks can be 3/4 inch thick whereas the standard width is around 3 to 5 inches. This is what sellers call ‘standard’ or ‘medium’ planks.

There are also other kinds of planks that are wider. These measure at 5 to 10 inches. There are two kinds of hardwood floors: pre-finished and unfinished hardwood. The pre-finished hardwood can be installed already while the unfinished one still needs some sanding.

Engineered Wood

Compared to hardwood, this wood is cheaper. It is more water resistant and apt for areas that might have high humidity. It looks like hardwood but is more practical and durable. The only concern for this type of flooring is that it can’t be refinished or sanded. But, you can use coatings to protect it against wear and tear.


This environment-friendly type of wood can be compared to the likes of oak, though it is categorized separately. Bamboo floors can have a light color except when you treat them using varnish or wood stain. Bamboo will reach more than 70 feet high in only two months. Since bamboo is classified under the grass family, it doesn’t need too much time to grow. Many of this kind are also qualified for the LEED Certification.

Laminate Flooring

Much like engineered wood, laminate flooring looks a lot like hardwood but doesn’t come with the hefty price tag. It has a finished top layer. The only thing that separates laminate flooring from real hardwood is the absence of a ‘real wood top layer’ on the laminate flooring. Its top layer is made of ‘photo-realism technology’ which can resemble wood, ceramic tile, stained concrete or ceramic tile.


Cork comes from the bark of the tree. It has less impact on the environment because it doesn’t kill the tree. The tree bark will regenerate between 8 to 10 years, making it viable again for harvesting. Cork flooring comes in pre-finished pieces but can also be resealed after three to five years.

Ceramic Tile

a carpet on top of the ceramic flooring

Ceramic tiles come in many textures, sizes, shapes, and colors, which makes it a versatile flooring option. It’s made of shale and clay, and a fire hardens it while pigments give it color. There are other features to take into consideration such as quality and finishes.

The types of flooring vary, and there are many choices. You can pick your flooring depending on the functions of your home or office. Either way, choose the kind that will make your house look appealing and the type which can last for years.

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