What You Don’t Know About Garage Door Torsion Springs Can Harm You

What do you know about garage door torsion springs? You must have heard of them. If you are not too familiar with the term, go to the garage now and look at the door. The spring-like components are the torsion springs. They are not there for decorative purposes. The springs lift most of the weight of the most massive entry in your house using a patented mechanism mounted on the top.

Useful but Dangerous

Now that you know what torsion springs are and where to find them, you have to remember that they have enough energy stored to maim or kill if they snap and break. Would you like to know more about a potentially hazardous object that sits over the top of your head?

The Lifespan of Garage Torsion Springs

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Given typical daily usage, the estimated service life of an average spring is seven to nine years. However, if your household is like many American homes that use the garage door as the main door, then the service life of the springs is reduced to four to six years. The overhead spring system allows the movement of the door and suspension. The coils wind and unwind while it carries the massive weight. The design will enable them to do this without danger of breakage for years. However, the time will come when adjustments are necessary. In some cases, replacement could be the recommended course of action.

Torsion springs look tough, and they are tough. Tempered steel withstands tremendous stresses, but everything succumbs to physical laws. Even hardened steel fatigues eventually. Moreover, manufacturers guarantee optimal function for only 10,000 cycles. Beyond that, you are walking the danger zone. What does this warning mean for you? If you had the door installed five years ago and have neglected maintenance for the past three years, then it is time to call a local garage repair specialist and schedule a tune-up.

A Note on Replacing Springs

When the garage door is closed fully, the torsion springs experience the greatest strain. Most spring failures occur when the door is closed. You will know if the springs are under pressure. A huge door that used to move seamlessly and effortlessly will seem heavy, its movement upward laborious. These are signs of imminent trouble. What happens if the torsion springs give in to the stress and snap into two?

In the end, you can mow the lawn or have a neighborhood kid do it for you for a few bucks. You can change a tire or call for a mechanic from the local shop. You can attempt to replace a broken garage door spring, but if you feel unsure about what to do, you should leave this task to a professional. After all, every garage door repair professional should know how to handle broken springs in Utah. Even though you have a complete toolbox, you might not know how to perform a torsion spring repair or replacement safety, so better leave it to a licensed trader.

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