Design Tips to Create a Cozy Home

Designing the interiors of your new home is as exciting as it is daunting. There are just so many factors to consider! After all, your home is for resting and family time. As you take the next step in creating that dream home, keep in mind the following tips:

Work with your budget

A limitless budget would be best in designing your new home, but more often than not, we have to stick to our budget. Research helps a lot. Take advantage of great sales and try reupholstering second-hand furniture.

Remember that not everything needs to be expensive and designer, especially when planning the art in your house. Buy art that speaks more to you or furniture that may not be expensive but suits your needs

If the budget is tight, you can always do some DIYs.

Check what decorations you can do on your own or build your own storage cabinets in the kitchen if you have basic woodworks skills. This way, you can use the saved budget for other more important things you will need at home.

The paint on your walls will make a difference

After you set your theme, determine the color you will splash on your walls. This is to avoid a disjointed feel with each room. If you’re remodeling a purchased home, painting your walls will spell a big difference. It is an inexpensive way to dress up your new home too.

Sticking to black and white for your walls instantly adds elegance and sophistication to your house without needing to go beyond your budget. Make sure you engage with a good painting contractor here in Park City that will listen to your needs and adjust accordingly.

Know your style and set a theme

Will you go for minimalist style and with free wide spaces, or are you more of a lover of colors and bold prints? Settling on a design style is crucial in making your home feel more organized. You do not want to end up with too many things going on and eating spaces.

It will also help if you have a list of things that you do not want in your home, such as a specific design or a chair, or prints that are just too bold for your taste. This will narrow down your choices and allow you to proceed with designing faster.

You can also try inserting your quirky personality in the details of your home, such as picking unique drawer pulls. You can look for them at antique shops or flea markets. You could also upgrade your floors by checking out carpet stores if you want to upgrade from wood or laminate to carpet, or vice versa.

Know your space

If you have a small space, do not cram big furniture to avoid making it look suffocating. You can also opt to put up mirrors to make your space look bigger. This costs less too! If your room has a low ceiling, but you want to make it look high, put tall pieces! This will give the illusion of high ceilings.

Meanwhile, if you have wide rooms, try designating functioning spaces such as a corner for talking, or a chair surrounded by things for relaxation.

Pile on the pillows

Pillows are an excellent way to make your house look comfortable and cozy. You can choose large pillows that are big enough to be sat on. For your couch, the bigger, the better. Bigger pillows can transform into an elegant one.

You have finally built your dream house. Your next task? Turning that house into a cozy home for you and your family.

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