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Dream Home Checklist: Features You’d Want When Money is Not a Problem

When you have saved enough to build your dream home, it’s great to add features you won’t find in any other houses. They can make your home truly unique, perhaps even boosting its value compared to other similarly sized homes in your neighborhood. Others may view these features as “excessive” or feel these are a waste of money, but they can’t do anything about it. It’s your money, and it’s your dream home.

If the only added feature you want is a backyard pool, you need to be imaginative and think out of the box some more. Here are some truly unique features you can copy or draw inspiration from in your quest to build your dream home.

A Smart Home is the Way to Go

If you want to enjoy everything the modern world has to offer, you should transform your house into a smart home. A smart home refers to an abode with interconnected appliances and electronic devices.

You can connect these smart appliances to your smartphone or laptop. Imagine having a rice cooker that messages you when it’s done cooking or a fridge that alerts you when it’s running low on a specific item.

Even some of the most expensive homes are not yet “smart,” and it would cost them, even more to transform into one. At least now, before you build your dream home, you can prepare in advance.

You can start with setting up lights you can control remotely. You can customize your smart home as you please, and with the latest tech, it’s not hard to achieve your wants.

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Of course, you need to ensure that your building is up to code while you are preparing to turn it into a smart home. Building commissioning services aren’t only for commercial facilities. Whether you live in Boise, Idaho or Denver, Colorado, you can hire professionals to check your entire home. They will see if every aspect, system, or appliance performs as intended and can perform that way for a long time.

The Ultimate Home Theater System

If money is not a problem, the first feature you should probably invest in is having a dedicated entertainment room with a top-of-the-line home theater setup.

  • Screen – We’re not talking about 40-inch or 50-inch TV screens here. Go with the latest 60-inch 4K Smart TV from some of the top brands. You can even be a trailblazer in tech and go with the top-spec 8K model. Not fond of television sets? You can have a 4K projector setup that will transform your entertainment room into a near-cinema experience.

  • Audio – With a proper screen in place, you can pair it with a high-fidelity speaker system that immerses you in any of the worlds you’re watching. Modern speaker setups can now imitate surround sound, so you can hear the sounds from the direction they’re intended to come from

  • Comfort – Lastly, don’t skimp on the seats. Don’t settle with generic cushioned seats or, worse, monoblock chairs for your entertainment room. Go with the full-leather recliner from some of the top brands today.​

These are some awesome features you can add to your home if money is not an issue. But you can always go beyond these features. When building your dream home checklist, the sky is the limit.

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