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Home Decor Trends to Try in 2020

One major way to boost your emotional and mental well-being is by giving your home an overhaul. And heaven knows, we need the boost—COVID-19 has been hard on the world, negatively affecting so many people’s mental health in the process.

Now that it’s been a few months since the pandemic was announced, many of us have most likely gotten over the initial shock of COVID-19 and its effects. We can now try to rebuild, and giving our home a chic makeover can provide a tangible feeling of closing a chapter and starting a new one.

Here are some home decor design ideas to try before 2020 comes to a close.


  1. Black and white. Black and white together is such a classic; it makes one wonder if it ever really goes out of style. It’s in the opposite ends of the color spectrum; it’s good and bad; it’s yin and yang. There are countless ways to stylishly incorporate black and white into your home—e.g., you can add textured throw pillows into black chairs and sofas.
  2. Blue. Classic blue was named the Pantone color of the year and for a good reason. “It’s a color that anticipates what’s going to happen next,” said Pantone Color Institute vice president Laurie Pressman. Why not manifest good things happening into your home by incorporating a color that evokes the feeling of building a strong foundation to welcome the new era and its coming challenges?
  3. Pink. Millennial pink made waves on the internet a few years ago due to its ubiquity in pop culture, fashion, and media. It’s still making waves in 2020, especially the subtle, blush, old rose, taupe, and rose gold variants. Add some subtle femininity into your space by infusing it with pink-toned design elements.

Traditional wallpaper

There was a time when traditional wallpaper was disdained across the home decor board. But just as trends and styles come back every few decades or so, the traditional wallpaper is also making a comeback, especially floral-printed wallpaper.

Before you wince, hear me out: If done right, floral wallpaper can give the space a modern and chic update to the classic wallpaper at your grandmother’s house. An aesthetically-pleasing floral pattern can complement the room’s more unique pieces of furniture and design elements.

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Hidden kitchens

Interior design agencies all over the world may now have to factor in the realities of COVID-19 in their designs and plans. While an open floor space plan has been the favorite and the go-to for modern interior designers for the past few decades, consumers may now opt for a more closed floor plan, which gives more opportunity for social distancing.

Having the kitchen separated from the living room and common area is one thing, but did you know it’s also possible to completely hide your kitchen? It involves completely concealing your kitchen appliances like your cooking station, dishwasher, and other counter-top appliances through the use of cabinets. A clutter-free, minimalist, and monotone kitchen makes for an aesthetically-pleasing cooking and dining experience.


We’ve reached a point where climate change and its effects can no longer be ignored. While it’s true that the fight against climate justice must take a global effort and should begin with the world’s largest corporations and governments, there are still small changes we can make as individuals to help the planet—starting with what we consume, what we wear, and what we use in our homes.

Fast fashion has been all the rage for the past few years, but it has had detrimental effects not only on the planet but also to disadvantaged and exploited workers. 2020 is the year of conscious consumerism, and it can’t hurt to implement this towards our home decor.

Some ways you can be more sustainable in your home decor include but are not limited to:

  1. Buying local. Scour your neighborhood for garage sales furniture shops. Buying local supports the local economy, and having furniture, artwork, or other pieces of design transported from other states, or countries only adds to your carbon footprint.
  2. Re-purposing, reusing, recycling. Find old and worn items in your home and explore the idea of refurbishing them. With the right tools and paint color, a decades-old dresser can look chic and up-to-date.
  3. Being energy-efficient. Choose to install high-efficiency materials like insulated curtains to retain heat or wall colors that reflect light. Infuse design elements that reduce your electricity usage.

Find Comfort in Your Home

Your home should be a place of rest and comfort, especially in the time of a pandemic or a recession. Don’t be afraid to give yourself a pick-me-up by trying out new home decor trends. Give your home, and yourself, some love!

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