Kitchen Counter Décor Ideas and Tips for the Modern Homeowner

Kitchens are among the most important spaces in your home. It’s no surprise that you may want to refurbish it. If you have the money and resources, you could build your own Asian kitchen or professional-grade kitchen in your house. But if you don’t have the time or the materials for such an extensive renovation, you could settle for sprucing up the space with the right kitchen counter décor. The right pieces and design could do wonders to elevate your countertops and bring new life to your kitchen.

Today, learn what are modern kitchen counter décor trends and some ideas you can try to change up your kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Counters

Before you concern yourself with the details of the decor, you need to understand what the trends are regarding kitchen counters themselves. When it comes to building materials, experts have determined that majority homeowners of all ages prefer countertops made of granite or other natural stone materials. Between 53 and 64 percent of all people, from seniors to Gen Xers like their counters made of stone.

When it comes to where they get their kitchen décor ideas, research reveals that 88 percent of homeowners prefer transitional style kitchens. Contemporary designs are popular with 80 percent of homeowners, followed by farmhouse aesthetics at 50 percent.

Kitchen Counter Décor Ideas

Now that you have a basic knowledge of what’s popular with modern kitchens, here are some kitchen counter décor tips and ideas you can use. Combine different ideas and you can be presently surprised by how much a simple décor change can alter the entire vibe of your kitchen.

  1. Emulate Café Countertops


Café countertops focus on functionality and putting everything you need in one easily accessible area. Create a nook on your counter where you can access everything, from sugar to cream and other ingredients. You can also borrow other zany ideas from themed café countertops. For example, you can lean into the 50’s diner inspired aesthetics of certain cafés.

  1. Use Succulents

Adding greenery and plants has become increasingly popular in kitchen décor ideas. Succulents make perfect indoor plants because they’re relatively low maintenance. You can purchase several planters and tiny pots and arrange thriving succulents around the sink and by the windows. You can also use small cacti terrariums to literally bring new life to your countertops.

  1. Go Natural

Aside from using greenery and small plants for your kitchen counter décor, you could try to use more natural materials around the kitchen. Instead of using a plastic or metal knife block, buy a wooden one with some real character. Bamboo trays and shelves can add a truly rustic appeal, as would decorative wooden cutting boards.

  1. Ceramics and Glass


If you want a modern but still comfy aesthetic with your kitchen décor ideas, you can use the delightful mixture of ceramics and glassware. Such combinations are popular in café countertops and there’s no reason you can’t use it for your kitchen. Such mixture appeals to the transitional design style, with large farm-style ceramic jars for flour, sugar and cookies rubbing shoulders with sleek glass beverage jars and vases.

  1. Make it Pop

Most kitchens today tend to use neutral colors like grays, creams and shades of white to appeal to a wider market. But if you don’t have plans of selling your home in the near future, you can ensure your kitchen décor ideas all use bright and eye-popping color schemes. Instead of dull colors, try using bright pastels, vibrant and warm hues or dramatic contrasts like black and gold.

  1. Keep Counter Clean


You don’t want your kitchen counter cluttered with random junk and objects for two reasons. First, it can be very detrimental for cooking and cleaning efforts. Second, a messy kitchen countertop also clashes with most modern design aesthetics. Keep your counter clean of everything but the essentials like common ingredients, the knife block and important appliances.

  1. Pick a Statement Piece

When your countertop is clean of all unnecessary objects and the remaining things have been organized, you can use a single statement piece to draw the eye. Pick an amazing center piece for your main kitchen counter décor. Try a sculptural design piece, a fruit bowl with eye-popping color or an elaborate flower arrangement in a grand vase. The statement piece will tie the kitchen together and start a conversation.

Your kitchen is one of the central areas of your home and your kitchen counter décor should reflect that energy. Redecorating your kitchen counters with the right objects can make the difference you need to brighten up the space.

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