Living Room Essentials For 2020

Renovating your humble abode should be fun and give you the opportunity to flex your interior design muscles. The main room in your home is your living room, so it makes sense to spend some of your hard-earned cash here. If you haven’t redecorated in years, then chances are you want to modernize and create a more hygge style vibe for your home. The 2020 trend is veering away from the minimalist and more towards the home comforts. This doesn’t mean that you have to descend into an environment of clutter. Take a look at these living room essentials to help inspire your renovations in 2020.


The way to create an ambiance in any room is to focus on the lighting. Fixtures and fittings come in all different shapes and sizes. If you are keen to go super modern, you will want a sleek and simple design. Strip lighting is a huge no, but integrated spotlights are forever on-trend. However, in a living room, you may prefer the main light fitting that is something of a focal point. For period homes there can be nothing more grand and elegant than a Murano glass chandelier. Even when switched off, the glass adornments of these chandeliers reflect the available natural light across the room. You could also place some achingly cool anglepoise lamps in your living space or go for some classic downlighters. Use a mix of wattage when choosing bulbs and don’t be scared to go for a vintage style Edison bulb every now and then.


When you consider your flooring, you need to think about the feel you want underfoot. If you are eager for a soft, plush comforting feel, you need to consider a plush shagpile carpet. These soft cushioning carpets can be super homely and create a cozy vibe. If you are more eager to show off your period features, you need to whip up your carpet and discover whether you have herringbone parquet or some old original oak floorboards. These sandblasted and varnished can look exquisite in every living space. Adorn your floorboards with a rug and you could create an interior look that is elegant and fitting for the age of your dwelling.


The ornaments and knick-knacks that you have collected over the years can often clutter up your living room. While you may have storage solutions available, they may be full up. Anything that you haven’t used in twelve months or more needs to be removed from your immediate environment. They can be sold, donated, or stored in your loft space. Think about how you will maintain a more clear and simple living area that will create a more spacious interior. Paint your walls a lighter color to exude the illusion of space and enjoy putting up some local artwork or family photographs to personalize your space. Clutter can make the most on trend interiors look tired and messy.

If you think of yourself as an amateur interior designer, follow these simple trends and create some inspirational looks for your living room.

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