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Metal Work: How to Add Accents to Your Home

The best and easiest way you can add instant glamour to your household is using metallic accents. From gold to silver—these metals catch light in a way that produces striking depth or dimension to your home. The best part is, you have these metals customized using laser cutting services, helping you add in a personal touch and let it blend in better with your decor.

Here are the best ways to incorporate metallic accents in your home, helping you make your space shine.

Master the Art of Mixing

The best way you can incorporate metallic accents to any room in your home is by mixing them. Although it may sound intimidating, in the right setting, combining different metals, whether it’s gold or bronze, can add more life to an area. Experts also suggest that it’s through variety in the choice of materials that homeowners can ensure they’ll never get tired of any room in their house. The industrial-chic trend famous in the world of French home interior design is a perfect example of how mixing metallic accents can bring a gorgeous yet lively variety to any space.

However, keep in mind that rather than being over the top with the combinations, mixing metallic accents brings balance to the interior design. You can start by considering how the metal has been treated. For instance, hammered iron, a beautiful material highlighting organic and natural texture, can work well with wood. Generally, metals provide a strong counterpoint, so make sure to consider what metallic accents to use in one space carefully.

Balance Different Hued Metals

To make your metallic accents pop out more, consider adding warm metal accents to cool-hued ones. For instance, using stainless steel with a subtle touch of rose gold or copper is a great way to make these colors pop out more. Just make sure to use one hue as the ‘accent’ metal and the other as the dominant one.

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Use Mirrors to Match the Reflective ‘Vibes’ of Metallics

If you’re looking for a way to improve the aesthetic effects metals have to offer for your home, consider adding mirrors through the room to produce a mixed-metal look. Mirrors can help reflect your decor and make an area feel more open and inviting. Plus, the mirror complements the depth metals often provide.

Space Them Out

When incorporating metallic accents inside your home, make sure to be careful and don’t congregate too many different metals in one area of a room as it’ll look cluttered and generally unappealing. It’s best to spread these decorative pieces out on different planes. For example, if you have a marble kitchen countertop, add a lighting fixture with the same metal to the area.

Consider Different Finishes

When mixing different metallic accents, everything comes together to produce a luxurious vibe. You can achieve this by mixing various metals in one room while keeping the base matte and not reflective. For instance, you can have your hardware and hinges in matte gray and add a silver chandelier in the room—helping these materials complement each other perfectly.

Be Creative

Lastly, when mixing different metals in your home, make sure to explore your creativity and experiment with various metals, finishes, and tones. Doing this makes your home more personalized and unique, providing diversity and dimension. Additionally, make sure to think outside the box and mix the metals with other materials such as natural stone and wood, helping you create a multidimensional and aesthetically-pleasing space.

Metal is a neutral decorative accent providing homeowners with numerous finish possibilities. Whether you gravitate toward silver, gold, or brass—any of the designing strategies mentioned can help you add these sophisticated details into your home with ease.

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